The Story Of The 2011 Dallas Cowboys, Chapter 4

Our Heroes had come home. Basking in the Warm glow of their first battle victory, they prepared for the showdown with a fierce rival. This Rival had caused them heartbreak at their home last year, though they had enacted revenge in the second meeting. Led by Sir Orakopo and Sir Grossman, they seemed to be a formidable opponent. on top of this sevel warriors would be unavailable. Sir Austin, Sir Scandrick and Sir Dockery all would miss this Battle. However The Gambler, El Gato, and Sir Newman would all be in the Battle. Most surprising was The Gambler, as many believed his wounds that he received in the last battle would keep him out of this one. But he fought on through them.


As the Battle Started it was clear that the Lord of Order was going to do his best to protect the Gambler. He used El Gato extensively even though he himself was not fully recovered. Yet the Youglies most felt the loss of Sir Austin. Several time Our Heroes bogged down, and had to bring in Sir Bailey to secure small victories. 

The Lord of Chaos, on the other hand, had almost a fully healthy squad, except for some minor injuries, and the absence of Sir Scandrick, The Ware-Wolves, continued to showcase the skill and talent that the Chaos Lord and come to expect. While D-Ware seemed to be having Issues, Sir Lee continued his dominating ways. Several times the heroes rival threatened to rout them, almost every time The Ware-wolves held them back. It was not until late in the battle that Sir Grossman managed to hook up with Sir Hightower, that they were able to secure a major victory vs Lord Chaos' squad.

However The Gambler and the Youglies would respond. Although again, they were unable to secure a major victory over Lord Haslett's squad, Again Sir Bailey was able to secure another small one. After the Ware-Wolves again held firm, The Gambler found himself facing a seemingly impossible situation. Facing an All out Attack by Lord Haslett's Squad he was able to find Sir Bryant, who had not been very Active till now. Yet He beat Sir Hall to give the Youglies New Life. After another Small victory By Sir Bailey, It was left to The Ware-Wolves.

And they did not disappoint. ALthough they did give a little, Sir Spencer and Sir Lee combined to finish the Rivals Off. Thus bringing our Heroes a small step toward The Prize. Yet They dare not relax, for another foe comes to their Home. This Group is arguably the toughest test that our Heroes have faced in this Battle Season. 

(To be Continued)


(Author's Note: This story started out as a one- off piece, about the Cowboys Defense. I really wanted to do a post using as many of the "nicknames" that we had come up with as I could. However the story itself just seemed to flow it to this. I got Multiple requests to continue it and I felt that I should honor them. Now you may note that I have changed the title. I did this because this has become not just the story of the Defense, but off the Whole team. I hope to continue this through the season and hopefully it will have 20 chapters. 


Now for all those that are unaware here is the list of Names:

Romo-The Gambler

The Undrafted Youglies- the offense 

The Rooster-Jesse Holley (via bloodyhanded)

D-Ware- Demarcus Ware( though did I really need to explain this?)

The Ware-Wolves - the Defense

The Crazies- Special Teams

Lord Ryan- Rob Ryan, aka Lord of Chaos

Lord Garrett- Jason Garrett, aka Head Master, Lord of Order

Lesser Lord DeCamp, - Coach Joe D aka Lord of Crazies

J.O.N.E.S- Jenkins, Orlando, Newman, Elam, Sensabaugh

Great Suckage- the Lockout

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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