BTB Shame Report: Week 3

Yes I know, not a unique name and a rip-off of the series that is aired every single week highlighting the most shameful behavior from around the league.  If you have not seen The Shame Report with Dave Dameshek, then I say to you... SHAME!!!!  This I find truly hilarious as they poke fun at some of the most idiotic behavior from around the league.  The Cowboys, as impressed as people have been with them coming out of the blocks, have been featured twice, but missed this last week because the Eagles made the top five this week... TWICE!!!  Anyway, I will attempt to fulfill this every single week and will attempt to keep this mostly to just the games that the Cowboys play.  But in enough with the delays.  In the words of Dave Dameshek, LET IT BEGIN!!!!!!

#5 - Phil Costa

You are lucky that you played on Monday Night Football, because if you hadn't, you may have been featured in another segment that I truly love to watch and look forward to every week on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown.  It's called C'mon Man!  You've showed some pretty good things coming up to this game, and a lot of people have been fairly impressed with you thus far.  And up until Monday night, you hadn't had a bad snap all season.  Yeah, we know that the defense was apparently calling out the snap counts, but I seriously doubt that someone on the other team sounds just like Tony Romo.  You need to pay attention man.  Keep this up and you may very well "Costa" us a game.  (yeah I know cheesy).


#4 - DeAngelo Hall

So how was that BBQ sauce that a fan gave you before the game for Tony Romo's ribs?  You may want to use a napkin before you play though because you obviously must have had some on your hands with as many tackles as you were missing all night.  Oh wait, you NEVER could tackle.  Even Rex Ryan knows that, and he even told you so when you played the Jets last year in the Preseason.

Either way, you may want to check your balance before you write your next check, cuz your butt sure couldn't cash that one.  Next time just let your play do the talking.  Just ask Sean Lee, who apparently wiped his butt with you and your fellow redskins all game long.  Need evidence, just check out the burgundy stains left behind from wiping:


So next time, watch your mouth.  Better yet, might be a good idea to watch the receiver you are covering because you got straight up owned all game long.  Good job on that facemask on Dez though, you put us into field goal range with that but if you hadn't, that was a touchdown, because you weren't taking him down.  See you later this season.  In the meantime, just keep bashing the refs for the OBVIOUS facemask call that was replayed to all of America in SLOW MOTION and keep bashing your coaches for the blitz call on that last play.  And as a parting gift... SHAME!!!!!!!!


#3 - Kevin Ogletree

Good job proving that you are better than an undrafted free agent and that scouts SLIGHTLY misjudged your talent.  Bad job of not improving since that time.  I admit, you were impressive when you were a rookie, but what have you done since then to show any improvement.  As far as I've seen, you haven't shown anything.  In the off-season you even got arrested.  Yeah, it was only for some traffic violations.  And normally we wouldn't think anything of that until last night, when traffic was a huge issue for you.  Lining up like you didn't know which side of the road to drive on, Running routes like you took wrong turns, and running that flat route towards the end in the red zone like you stopped at an intersection at a green light.  No wonder Tony Romo called you stupid!!!  Maybe you need to get back to how you were when you first entered into the league.  Show a little enthusiasm, and for goodness sake, change the look:


You represent the star now, a very AMERICAN symbol.  America is watching you, so I don't know what is with the Prince Muhammad look.  Either that or you're going for Shaft, either way I don't think its working.  Get back to your roots and how you were when you entered the league and you might even impress someone.  Until then, you better be looking over your shoulder at Laurent Robinson.  He is taller than you, just as fast if not faster than you, and he was more impressive last night after being here a week than you have in the three YEARS you've been here.  SHAME ON YOU!!!!


#2 - London Fletcher

Look I respect you and I agree that you are underrated as a defender in this league.  I also dig the fact that you have a very successful charity called "London Bridge Foundation".  However, all of that doesn't buy you out of shameful moments.  Defensively you are your teams leader so we give you the right to give a pre-game speech and rally the troops.


But standing midfield and saying "THIS IS OUR HOUSE" in Cowboys Stadium, and apparently standing on the star while you did it, just plain low man.  Look at the scoreboard, it even says VISITOR next to your name.  So next time you are in our house, show a little respect.  Until then... SHAME SHAME KNOW YOUR NAME!!!!


#1 - Stephen Bowen

Now for the most shameful moment in this weeks shame report.  Our former beloved Stephen Bowen.  I begin to think that all of these years we may have had a mole in our midst.


No, not that kind of mole, but pretty disgusting just the same.  You stay in our organization for years and pretend to be a team player for us.  You even excited many of us when you were practicing in the off-season with Demarcus Ware to develop some chemistry with him to use TEAMWORK to get to the quarterback.  I think we all would have loved to see that.  But instead of staying with an organization which you were already familiar, you went to the first team that was willing to overpay you the most.  No, you are not worth $25 Million.  Not only that but you study Tony Romo all those years and then you come back and mimic his snap count.  I don't know what kind of football you like to play, but here in Dallas we teach integrity and good football mechanics.  Apparently Chris Canty learned that and it carried over when he went to rival New York Giants and is playing very well with it.  Meanwhile, until your cheatful barking of the snap count, I forgot you even played for the skins.  You seem to have been shut down the whole game.  So enjoy the loss, the Shanahans  Shenanigans in Washington, the fine that you very well may receive from your shameful behavior in Dallas Monday night, and this:


The Brown Paper Bag of Shame.  Another thing Stephen, you may want to check the back of each of those dollar bills that you get from that $25 Million (should you even earn it all), may just find the following printed on the back... SHAME!!!!!

In an honorable mention, but not making this week's shame report, Rex Grossman, A.K.A Sexy Rexy.  You may need to find a new patch my friend:


Shameful, just Shameful.  However, thank you for going deep sometimes in the game because Jenkins almost picked you off one of the times that you actually did live up to the patch and fan club.  Actually, somewhat shameful that Jenkins didn't come away with the interception there.  But please, for our sake, try and come and run the ball against us and go deep on us again, because we'll beat you down again.  And this time Jenkins will catch that deep ball.


So that is all for Blogging the Boys weekly Shame Report.  Until then, stay positive Cowboys, get back to that Cowboy way and don't embarass yourselves.  That goes for anyone else playing us, so remember that Detroit when you come to our house.  Especially that this is OUR HOUSE!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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