Why the Cowboys Should Lose on Sunday

Ok, I am ready for a banning.  I have titled this fanpost, why the Cowboys should lose this Sunday's game to Detroit.  Yes I am a Cowboys fan, and will cheer for the team win or lose, but why should the Cowboys lose on Sunday?  The Info after the jump.

The season is a Marathon, not a Sprint:

That might be true in terms of other sports like baseball or basketball, but I would consider the NFL season the ultimate marathon.  The reason for this is because football takes a lot out of a person's body to the point that individual games seem like marathons.  Exhibit number one is the Minnesota Vikings who have been keeping their defense on the field for almost 20 minutes per game in the second half alone in their last three games including last week's loss to our opponent this week.

Overall, the season contains at least 23 to 24 games for the Super Bowl teams depending on if one or both of the teams had to play on Wild Card weekend.  Therefore the First Round Bye is valuable as is a scheduled bye during the regular season.  Both us and Washington have our Bye coming up in Week 5 while the Giants and Eagles have theirs in Week 7.  Still, we can pretty much determine the strength of schedule for upcoming games.

With a 2-1 record, our schedule clearly shows that a win over Detroit could be costly.  Sure we could be headed into our Bye week with a 3-1 record, but at what cost would it be if Tony Romo were knocked out by the Detroit defensive line and Jon Kitna had to stage a 4th quarter comeback?  Since Romo's injuries are already severe, one major injury could knock him out until December at the earliest.  The result could be a three additional losses at New England and at Philadelphia, plus a loss to St. Louis at home which is the trap game before the Eagles.  That would leave us with a 3-4 record headed into our game vs Seattle.

In contrast, the rest of the division doesn't have that hard of schedule the next five games.  We will dismiss the Philadelphia Eagles because that team was thrown together like one throws together a sandwich for lunch.  That would leave the New York Giants with the next toughest schedule where they have the game vs Buffalo the same day we play New England and the Patriots to start November.  They also have three easy games vs Arizona, Seattle, and Miami and could finish this stretch with a 5-3 record while we have a 4-4 record assuming our losses and we also beat Seattle.

Then there is the Washington Redskins who have the easiest record of all among the four teams.  The only "hard" game I could see is the October 16th matchup with Philadelphia.  Yes they also have Buffalo on their schedule, but they get Carolina, St. Louis, and San Francisco as well and could finish the stretch with a 4-1 record and could be leading the division at 6-2.

For the record, Philadelphia's schedule is the following

vs San Francisco

at Buffalo

at Washington


vs Dallas

vs Chicago

Cowboys Injuries

The main reason I am calling for a loss this week is because the Cowboys should be playing more conservatively and maybe rest up some players.  Yes I do realize we have the Bye coming up, but it is better to be ready for New England than it is to be questionable at best.  Therefore here are three players we can afford to sit on Sunday:

1. Tony Romo: You have a legend growing about you buddy.  It is better for you to run a drive or two in this game and treat it like a preseason game than Week 4 of the regular season.  Your ribs are already sore and it is best to have your backup play most of the game than see you being carried off on a cart never to return to an NFL field because you can't breathe.

2. Dez Bryant: His thigh issue makes it tough for him to run and that means that he should rest up so that he can face New England's secondary on October 16th.

3. Terence Newman: We need you, but your groin has to heal first.  So take a seat, rest up, and be ready to knock Tom Brady into next year.

So, why should the Cowboys lose?

Simple, we need the rest and a setback isn't going to hurt any in the long run.  The full history of Super Bowl winners show that the any given NFL team can win the Championship with a 10-6 record (Green Bay last year) as well as a 15-1 record (1985 Chicago Bears).  The simple thing is that we are not the 2010 Green Bay Packers who just plugged in players where they were needed. Granted that they lost some games, but the Packers still won when it counted.  Other than for the NFC standings, Sunday's game means very little.  We could lose the game and come back well rested enough to go 12-0 for the rest of the season.  Looking again at our next five games, a loss on Sunday would get us ready to focus more on New England and could lead into a stretch that we enjoyed right after Jason Garrett was hired as coach and give us a 6-2 record at mid-season.  Besides, losses sometimes help a team.  Just ask the 1994 San Francisco 49ers how their season turned out following a huge loss to Philadelphia.  So how about it, should the Cowboys go all out and win on Sunday or should they rest some players and take the loss?  Don't flag me, just discuss this in the comments.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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