The Guru

The basis of Parcells’ spat with SHoffman brought up things as trivial as who the holders should be as much as a true personality conflict: Parcells often sarcastically referred to SHoffmann as the ‘guru’ in meetings and in person and ‘how did I win a Super Bowl without you’. It was a one way street, one on which SHoffmann couldn’t avoid getting run over.

Parcells couldn’t have anyone bigger than him in the organization, player or coach and SHoffmann was let go; staff reductions or not he was not going to remain. The fact that he was a JJohnson guy also did not sit well with BParcells.

Steve Hoffmann was picked up by the Atlanta Falcons and worked for Dallas’ current Special Teams coach Joe DeCamillis in Atlanta in 2006.

A year later SHoffmann got the last word but he would probably say the best compliment when he was sought out and hired by the Miami Dolphins GM, yes Mr. Parcells. Where Parcells admitted to his mistakes. In private obviously.

Gone were the days of Parcells putting a list of four punters without consulting with SHoffman. When Hoffmann asked if he could add to the list. He brought one more punter in. MMcBriar.
Gone were the days were Parcells forced Lou Groza Award winner JRuffin onto Hoffmann for a tryout despite Hoffmann’s reluctance given the kickers lack of ‘leg strength’. Parcells signed Ruffin anyhow, however, the kicker was released in training camp and later released from the CFL also, not exactly a cemetary for former NFL kickers.

Welcome home Guru! Parcells had softened his stance and respects SHoffmann.
So much so that he recommended him for the KChiefs coaching position. More importantly Hoffmann parlayed many years as offensive and defensive quality control experience and kicking coach into becoming special teams coach at the Kansas City Chiefs.

He coaches Mr. Irrelevant, the last pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, Ryan Succop.
Ryan has an 81.8% average, yet somehow isn’t a lock for many Fantasy Football enthusiasts. Do you know more than Steve Hoffmann?

If JGarrett really wants Hoffmann and, as some predict, special teams will in the running for ‘worst unit’ along with our secondary, a call just may be made next Spring.
SHoffmann still has kids in DFW and a deep respect for JJones and the Dallas Cowboys organization.

DeCamillis should dust off his resume regardless of results in 2011.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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