Doesnt it feel good to feel...Uncertain?

Oh doesn't it feel good to feel....Uncertain?

What a difference a year makes, cliche I know so sue me! This time last year there was too much of an easy going feeling around the team. The #1 quote had to be "its just pre season we will be fine." This coming from players, coaches, and fans.

How about the 2 sides of the ball. There weren't too many questions going into the season about the defense coming off of its outstanding 09 year. But there were many excuses for the less than pedestrian offense that managed to do nothing in the pre season. Nothing was done to change the slow old O Line, the Barberian was still tripping on his feet, and Roy Williams was still the #2 WR.

Fast forward a year, the offense is the least of our worries seemingly in a nice grove, revamped with the yuglies, and with Dez & Felix poised for a breakout year. The defense to say is an unknown is a understatement. Many are optimistic about them, while some are pessimistic. Understandable with a new Defensive Coordinator, 2 new starters, and the starting CBs not playing the entire pre season. That screams AH BLOODY MURDER!!

Not so fast my friend! (Thanx Lee Corso) Let's take a step back and actually embrace the feeling in the air going into the season. Doesn't matter if its good feeling for you or a bad feeling for you. One thing for sure we can describe the aroma flowing around cowboys nation is uncertainty. Media members along with the fans are maybe for the first time in a decade not sure. I love it!

The turnaround in the culture is already present. The direction of the team is pointing up. While the core is still intact and in its prime. When's the last time you felt this excited to be this unsure?

So let's kick back, be patient with the defense, be patient with RHG, and lower our expectations...

JUST KIDDING!! We are Cowboys Nation while the general expectations are lowered we still expect greatness. Fortunately so does our HC. All in all its ok to feel uncertain. I'll take the uncertainty going into the 2011 season with room to grow, than heading into the 2010 season with excuses and the outcome written on the wall.

Go Cowboys!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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