7 reasons why Dallas will beat the Jets

The facade is over. Preason is complete. Every team, every fan, is full of hope and excitement. After all, regardless of the previous season's record every fan thinks their team is going to be the surprise team.  The draft and free agency are complete and you will hear fans spout "wow, I can't believe we got him, he is going to be dominant, all pro, a superstar" and too many other superlatives to list.

With that said I will give you 7 reasons why I think Dallas will beat the Jets. Every fan on this blog is as pumped as the other. All with varying opinions about why or how Dallas will be much improved over the debacle known as the 2010 season

I am just a construction guy who isn't proficient with charts and graphs and all of the other bells and whistles that are found on these computers. So I'm gonna just let my words do the 'splainin'. I will list them in inverse order so as to build to a crescendo.

7. Roy that you have uttered the acronym wtf and finished giving me the double rod salute listen up. We don't have Roy to kill our drives any more. There won't be the continuous untimely drops. Romo will know where his wr's are. He will trust the hands of his wr's. Confidence is a large part of success.

6. The NEW AND IMPROVED offensive line. You don't always have to drive your man backwards or pancake the defender. Actually engaging the defender will be a huge plus for this team.  Remember Davis whiffing game after game ? Remember Felix getting tackled the instant he received the ball from Tony  in the Titan game ? Nope, we won't be perfect. Yes, we will allow some sacks but this O-line will be exponentially better than last year.

5. The defense. Everyone knows the D line has been a weak link. The Jets love to run the ball. You counter that with run blitzes. Confusion from disguising run blitzes is a weapon that wasn't shown much in preseason. This should be a stat padding game for the safties. Alan Ball, who was short on safety fundamentals, no longer mans the position. This in itself will be an upgrade.

4. Wade Phillips. Surely I don't need to expound on this.

3. Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez had a 54.8% completion percentage. He averaged 6.4 yards per attempt.  He had a QB rating of 75.3. Comparatively speaking Chad Henne who threw 30 int's last season had a rating of 75.4. He averaged 206 yards per game. Does this man scare you ? 

2. Jason Garrett. This game will be Jasonpalooza. Do you not think Jason is excited to match wits with the legend-in-his-own-mind Rex Ryan? Name the last coach that churned the roster like JG. We know the answer. The man has been stupendous in his abbreviated time as the Dallas Cowboys head coach.  

1. Last but certainly not least.............WE ARE THE DALLAS COWBOYS !!

Dallas 27

Jets 13

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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