Help Wanted....What Will Garrett Do? (WWGD)



Okay I normally don't do this sort of thing, but I need some help. So Bigham, Back Off!..haha.  I want to run a weekly series of posts based Loosely on my "Air Garret" posts. What I want to do is to give my take on what I think the "Garrett game plan" is. It will be based on this:

That is what I think "Air Garret" is all about. Attacking the Defense at it's weakest point. That is one reason I think that the Dallas Offense has had Issues in the first quarter....That is Garrett, Probing, trying to find the weak point....Watch the play calls this next year... Pay attention to the "Successful" ones...I bet that you will see ones that are merely variations of those "successful ones" though out the game....Study the opponents carefully. Find out where they are lacking defensively. I bet you will see alot of plays designed to target that area....Is this a "new scheme"? No, merely an adaption of two old ones albeit in a new fashion....That is "Air Garrett"

However I have an issue. While I am pretty good at the whole Creating a game plan, my Research skills are severely lacking. so Follow me past the jump if you want to know more.


Still with me? OK. Here is what I need. I need a scout. Someone that is not only good at "breaking down film" but also able to write up a report that is easily understandable. The  person needs to be able to point out the weaknesses in a scheme and be able to showcase "personnel Gaps" that can be exploited. By that I mean a player or players that are "below average" in their play. Also any player strong points would be very nice to include. Member ship in a "rival Blog" is unnecessary, but might be helpful....

Now what I plan on doing is taking the write up, Copy/pasting it in a Fanpost, with your screen name as the author of it, then I will add what I think the game plan will be. Also after the game, if the person wants, we can grade it out, on how close the game plan was vs what actually happened.

Now Bear in mind I want this to be a weekly series, posted up 1-2 days prior the the game.  If for some reason I am unable to do the "gameplan" I will try and let the person know ahead of time so that they could get it up, and I would ask that the person do the same for me.....

If you are interested in helping me(and sharing any and all glory that may come) I ask that you Email me at

I hope to get the first post on the Jets up by this coming Friday, so if you are interested please email your "scouting report" on them before then, if possible, but if you need more time, feel free to let me know.....

PS... I will delete this post once I have confirmation of weekly help.....

PPS- please do not send the report as an attachment in MS Word as my version of MS Word does not allow me to copy and paste out of it....stupid trial version...

This is an open invite to any poster here on BTB, so even if you don't post much,  feel free to send me an Email if you want to help out....

as I said I will give you full credit for your contribution in the post...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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