Remember offensive coordinator Jason Garrett? Why HC Jason Garrett will be better

Oh how time has passed us by. From "The Red Head Genius" to "", now just JG.

Raise your hand if you found yourself at the start of the season screaming at the TV "what kind of f@%!# play call was that!"- Or "$20 its a draw on 2nd & 3." Guilty as charged here, I was livid at times with JG's play calling as offensive coordinator. But as the season turned upside down and JG found himself the HC I saw a slight bit of encouragement, and has rolled over into the pre season.

I believe we will see a totally different play caller in JG as head coach. If you took notice in the second half of the 2010 season there was slightly less yelling at the TV about bone head plays. For instance Cowboys rushing total increased in the second half of the season. Yards, attempts, and YPC all went up. Coincidence? Hardly.

As HC the pressure is different, the responsibility is greater. Throwing the ball 99 times in the first 2 games, increasing the possibility of a turnover was not gonna get JG the permanent HC job and it won't keep him it either. (Yes the chances of a TO are greater pass vs run) Notice towards the end of the year Felix in Barber out. Coincidence? Hardly.

No the Red Head won't bail on Romo, and no he won't stray away from the systems philosophy. But he will and has been a more balanced attacking play caller, and a smart game manager.Outside of Dez Bryant ,Felix may be our biggest weapon and the Ivy League grad knows it. Expect to see more running, and more screens this year than ever before under Garret.

There's a reason Barber didn't get many touches, he wasn't good anymore. There's a reason the screen game was very minimal, the line was too fat and slow. And there's a reason Felix didn't get his starting chance until JG was HC, Jerry & Wade. It's no secret Wade rather play the washed up vets and Jerry play the guy making the most $$. JG as we all see 'ain't havin dat' (Stephen A. Smith voice)

As we gear up for week 1, this will all play out as it should. The Jets present a huge challenge defensively with its attacking style. Don't expect Head Coach Garret to throw 50 times. As good as the Jets D is, a solid game plan can off set its aggressive style.

I anticipate a heavy dose of Felix on the ground and through the air, with timely shots down the field, and designed quick hits to Witten.

As the season goes on I expect JG to develop unique game plans from week to week, ie Sean Payton. I wouldn't have said this before about OC Garret but HC Garret has a different agenda.

Although I may scream a few times, "wth was that!"

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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