Where do our Cowboys come from? A Statistical Analysis

Just thought I'd do an analysis of where our 53 players come from. Note: These are players on our roster as of the first official day of the NFL season (Thursday night).

41 of our 53 Cowboys are original Cowboys…they have never been befouled by playing for another franchise. 12 came to the Cowboys as free agents (and the other 12 are fortunate to have the honor to play for our Cowboys). I like that so many of our players are steeped in the Cowboys way.

13 of our players (24.5%) were brought into the organization by Jason Garrett, another 13 players are holdovers from the Parcells area, and 37 (51 percent) were brought into the organization by Wade Phillips, whether as draft picks, free agents, or undrafted free agents.

 Cowboys by round:

 1st Round – Nine Cowboys were selected in the first round.

2nd Round – Shockingly, only two Cowboys were second round picks: Sean Lee and Martellus Bennett. (Ideally, Carter will be a third when he returns).

3rd Round – Five Cowboys were selected in third round, although only three by the Cowboys (Dockery and Robinson were picked by other teams).

4th Round – Seven Cowboys were selected in the fourth round…James, Free, Choice, Arkin, Butler…Cowboys do well in the 4th round. (If only they did as well in the 2nd!)

5th Round – Four Cowboys were fifth round picks.

6th Round – Three Cowboys were sixth round picks.

7th Round – Six Cowboys were seventh round picks. (Although this is somewhat misleading because there are more picks in the 7th round than any other).

UDFA – Seventeen Cowboys (1/3rd) were undrafted free agents.

I’m not sure that having 33% of a team be comprised of undrafted free agents is unusual in the NFL, and to be sure the Cowboys have had some great finds in free agency…Romo, Austin, etc. But what is truly an indictment of our personnel department is that we only have five players on our roster who were drafted by the Cowboys in the second and third rounds combined…that’s just stunning, and I’m afraid speaks to the overall talent level on this team.

Cowboys by conference:

Big 12 – 9 Cowboys

Pac 10 – 7 Cowboys

SEC – 7 Cowboys

ACC – 6 Cowboys

Big 10 – 5 Cowboys

MAC – 4 Cowboys

Big East – 2 Cowboys

Conference USA – 2 Cowboys

Missouri Valley – 2 Cowboys

Sun Belt – 2 Cowboys

SWAC – 2 Cowboys

WAC – 2 Cowboys

1 Each - Colonial Athletic, Great Northwest,  Northeast, Ohio Valley

Not surprisingly, the most Cowboys come from the Big 12. It shows you the poor quality of the Big East that the Cowboys have more players from the MAC. No more than any two Cowboys are from one university.Toledo, Texas A&M, LSU, Illinois, North Carolina, and Virginia have two players each.

No Cowboys went to Georgia, Florida, or Nebraska.

Trivia question: More Cowboys have been drafted from what school than any other in Cowboys history? (Answer at bottom).


First Name Last Name Original Cowboy Brought Into Org By Round Selected Conference
Alex Albright Y Garrett UDFA Big East
David Arkin Y Garrett 4 Missouri Valley
Miles Austin Y Parcells UDFA Northeast
Dan Bailey Y Garrett UDFA Big 12
Alan Ball Y Parcells 7 Big 10
Martellus Bennett Y Phillips 2 Big 12
Josh Brent Y Phillips 7 Big 10
Keith Brooking N Phillips 1 ACC
Dez Bryant Y Phillips 1 Big 12
David Buehler Y Phillips 5 Pac 10
Victor Butler Y Phillips 4 Pac 10
Tashard Choice Y Phillips 4 Pac 10
Barry Church Y Phillips UDFA MAC
Kenyon Coleman N Garrett 5 Pac 10
Phil Costa Y Phillips UDFA ACC
Derrick Dockery N Garrett 3 Big 12
Abram Elam Y Garrett UDFA MAC
Doug Free Y Phillips 4 MAC
Clifton Geathers N Phillips 6 SEC
Dwayne Harris Y Garrett 6 Conference USA
Jason Hatcher Y Parcells 3 SWAC
Jesse Holley Y Phillips UDFA ACC
Bradie James Y Parcells 4 SEC
Mike Jenkins Y Phillips 1 Big East
Felix Jones Y Phillips 1 Big 12
Jon Kitna N Phillips UDFA Great Northwest
Kyle Kosier N Parcells 7 Pac 10
Kevin Kowalski Y Garrett UDFA MAC
LP Ladouceur N Parcells UDFA Pac 10
Sean Lee Y Phillips 2 Big 10
Sean Lissemore Y Phillips 7 Colonial Athletic
Matt McBriar N Parcells UDFA WAC
Bryan McCann Y Phillips UDFA Conference USA
Danny McCray Y Phillips UDFA SEC
Stephen McGee Y Phillips 4 Big 12
DeMarco Murray Y Garrett 3 Big 12
Bill Nagy y Garrett 7 Big 10
Terence Newman Y Parcells 1 Big 12
Kevin Ogletree Y Phillips UDFA ACC
Jeremy Parnell N Phillips UDFA SEC
John Phillips Y Phillips 6 ACC
Jay Ratliff Y Parcells 7 SEC
Laurent Robinson N Garrett 3 Missouri Valley
Tony Romo Y Parcells UDFA Ohio Valley
Martin Rucker N Phillips 4 Big 12
Orlando Scandrick Y Phillips 5 WAC
Gerald Sensabaugh N Phillips 5 ACC
Tyron Smith Y Garrett 1 Pac 10
Marcus Spears Y Parcells 1 SEC
Anthony Spencer Y Parcells 1 Big 10
Phillip Tanner Y Garrett UDFA Sun Belt
DeMarcus Ware Y Parcells 1 Sun Belt
Jason Witten Y Parcells 3 SEC


Trivia Answer: Tennessee

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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