Cowboys at Jets: A Game of Emotions

The emotions will be with players and fans. Sunday’s night game between the Boys and Jets will bring many emotions. I know this is being billed by many sports reporters as a NY game but 9/11 effected everyone in the U.S. like few events have. We all remember that day and where we were whether you are in NT or Midland, Tx. This is Americas game, not just NY’s. We were all connected that day like very few times in our lifetime.

I remember that day like it was just this morning. I was running at Ft. Bragg when my pager went off. I had an off day and was planning for a great date that night. When I got to my car and called in on my cell I was told about the first plane hitting the WTC. The Duty Officer told me what was going on and said I needed to stop by. As she was telling me this the second plane hit as she was watching the news. I remember her words "Get here now" in a broken voice on the edge of tears. She was from NY and her parents worked in the towers. A few weeks later I was in Uzbekistan getting ready to move into Afghanistan and support troops there.

We all have all stories of that day and I would like to hear yours. This is just not a NY game but a game for all of us. The emotions will be running high. I am not sure if I will hold it all together this weekend or during times in the game. I am in NYC with friends I served with and will be at the game Sunday night. No game has held more emotion for me, the lockout, the training camp and an anniversary of a life event for me.

My Key Thoughts for Dallas to Win

  • High Tempo: Keep the tempo high and fast on offense from the start. The defense has the rough job so get them on their heels from the start and make them keep up with you.
  • Take it over the middle: We all know about attacking the outside with screens and reverses or such, but they are weak over the top in the center as they shutdown the receivers on the outside and stop the run. Take it down field over the middle with the RB’s and TE’s.
  • DB’s: You are going to have to play 7 or 8 in the box, jam those receivers and make them fight to get off the line.
  • Defense: Get Sanchez in 3rd and long and lock down those receivers and make him force it. He will turn it over or throw it away and you can get off the field.
  • All Cowboys: Do not minimize the respect of what this game means. It is not just a NYC game but a game that affected every one in this country. Represent them all.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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