First Sunday: An Ode to Football

Hey guys! Just thought I'd check in before the season before I stalk all your gameday comments from the shadows lol...enjoy!


NFL twentyleven, it's about that time

get the wings, grab a beer, hit the couch, recline

the wives and girlfriends lost the training camp battle

now they're second-string, get used to it, it's annual



we waited all summer, anticipated the fall

wake me up in September when they play football

Lions, Bears and Bengals, you can call it a zoo! and me?

I'm on my couch in my silver and blue

maybe in a Dez jersey, maybe in my Austin

no matter what I wear, Cowboys football: f****n' awesome!

my eyes light right up with each kickoff promo

no more lockout, and the return of Romo

it's not just 'Boys fans with cause for celebration

fans of football getting hype across the nation

Houston winning their division would cause elation

the Colts are stampeding, but RIP Peyton

throwing out the Titans just to give them a mention

and that 4th team in the South that gets no attention

it's time for every team to prove what they're worth

(and that the NFC West don't deserve a playoff berth)

the Niners, Seahawks and Bengals are probably f****d

(or are they just gonna tank and hope for some Luck?)

off-topic, "Dolphins" doesn't fit a football team

but the fever's epidemic and there ain't no vaccine

and some sicker than others, if you know what I mean

rudely awakened from the nightmare that becomes of their Dream

the Giants and the LOLskins round out this division

so I put myself in prime Cowboy watching position

New England to San Diego we all feelin the buzz

they rockin the black and yellow for the Steelers because

Hope springs eternal when we get the fall back

Raider nation, Packer backers, first Sunday, we all back

The start of the season sees the end of my rhymes

but we've got a shot if we protect #9,

be the Right Kind of Guys, it's a daily process

and it starts with the J-E-T-S, JETS!

Will this be The Year or just another season?

We're all waiting to see, and we all got a reason

to hope for our squad to hoist the Big Silver Trophy

twentyleven, go Cowboys! (Don't like it? B*** me...)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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