My thoughts on where we stand going into the Offseason whether Now or Later

Think GB with a running game next year and i believe thats what we will be. The only addition to the team we need for that right now is a ball-hawking CB and S and we are that team but better. Our Ware beats their Matthews, Raji and Ratliff is a match, Lee and Bishop are close but i give the advantage to Lee due to him playing with a club and still being as good as he's been. Their secondary has us all day only thing we have thats slightly better is the number 2 CB with Jenkins over Williams again due to playing at such a high level while being hurt all year. I simply used the eye test on the Defense however all stats for the offensive side are from

We have the air attack that they do now with the addition this year of Robinson.

We match their: Jennings(67 Rec 949 yards 14.2 Avg 9 TDs) with Dez(57 Rec 858 yards 15.1 Avg 9TDs) ,

their Nelson(59 Rec 1,101 yards 18.7 Avg 15 TDs) beats our Robinson(50 Rec 797 yards 15.9 Avg 9 TDs),

we match their Jones(32 Rec 546 yards 17.1 Avg 7 TDs) with Austin's hurt year(41 Rec 559 yards 13.6 Avg 7 TDs),

their Driver(35 Rec 393 yards 11.2 Avg 5TDs) with Holley(7 Rec 169 yards 24.6 Avg 0 TDs) is a close match up too I think if Holley got more snaps he could match or better Driver's numbers but for now I'm calling it a draw due to use.

Our TEs are better taking Witten(72 Rec 873 yards 12.1 Avg 5 TDs 44 1st Downs) as a match with Finley(48 Rec 703 yards 14.6 Avg 7 TDs 38 1st Downs) but Bennett(16 Rec 139 yards 8.7 Avg 0Tds 7 1st Downs) over Crabtree(6 Rec 38 yards 6.3 Avg 1 TDs 4 1st Downs) all day due to the vastly better blocking he provides.

Our RBs are injury riddled this year yet Murray(164 Att 897 yrd 5.5 Avg 2 TDs 41 1st Downs) and Jones(116 Att 545 yrd 4.7 Avg 1 TDs 25 1st Downs) even after missing several games beat out their, Starks(133 Att 578 yards 4.3 Avg 1 TDs 31 1st Downs) and Grant(122 Att 511 yrd 4.2 Avg 2 TDs 25 1st Downs) every time.

Anyways just my take on where we are mostly Offensivly but who knows with the injury bug that has been hassling us the past couple years. Seems like since 09 our draft picks have been getting hurt left and right. We could really use a healthy draft class from last years and this years draft. Always welcome helpful critiques as I am a very opinioned person and sometimes let it get in the way of objectivity.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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