I want what they're having.

It's pretty symbolic as to why I decided to post this now after the divisional round of the playoffs. (And a little bit coincidental.) But this past weekend I watched four teams separate themselves from the rest of the league. They did what they had to do, and now each of them sit one game within getting to the Super Bowl.

At times I get into the numbers, and provide an argument to suit my beliefs. Here I feel is all emotion. Football is a very emotional game. That is why I don't participate in game threads. I used to, but the game is too much for me. I explode and people just wouldn't be able to handle me. I found myself cursing in front of my grandmother during the Cowboys Giants NFC East Title game just a few weeks ago. So if you expect fancy graphs, pie charts, or whatever, this thread is not for you. This one is for the die-hards.

Last time the Cowboys made it past the divisional playoff round? 1995-1996 Season. I was in diapers. It's also the last time the Cowboys made and won a Super Bowl. Since then 13 different teams have made the NFC Title game. The three teams to not make it? The Detroit Lions, the Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys. This eats me up inside. To know that such a historic team can't even grasp the George Halas trophy. The Cowboys own the most George Halas trophies, eight. I have yet to see one of them. In fact I have yet to see the Cowboys get past the divisional round. I'm not even asking for Mr. Halas yet.

What does this team need to do to win? Is it as simple as everyone makes it sound? Draft this guy, or sign that guy. Instantly a contender. I think if it were that easy we would have already have done that. Sometimes I think the best way to win is time. Create your core then build around that. The players around your core as just as important as the core itself. Football is a team game, and only the best team takes home the Lombardi trophy. So whenever you see someone blame another player just think of what his teammate could of done to help him. There's always two people at fault at the very least on a bad play. And that's only one play.



It's just there waiting for me to take it. It's shining gloriously tempting me to just take it away and never let it go. I call her precious. I've never won an organized championship sport. And as I get older it looks very slim I will never do so. I guess that's why I rely heavily on the success of my teams. It's not that I don't have the talent to win, it's that I never had the talented team to win. It's not even that actually. It's that I never had the team with enough heart to win. There's a difference.

Does the future Cowboys have enough heart and will power to overcome anything and win football games? I want all of those bums who don't take losses seriously out of town. I want whoever laughs it up with an opposing player after a disappointing game to get out. You don't deserve your pay check. You lost. Not only that you lost, you don't care. The players that don't use up 110% of their energy each week do not deserve their paycheck. They deserve to be let go of. Think I'm being harsh? Look at your jobs. If you do your job well isn't there consequences? If you continually fail don't you get fired? Or how about if you put zero effort in and then laugh it off at the water cooler? Do you think you're going to have that position very long? I didn't think so. Oh and you don't get paid millions of dollars to play a game we all did growing up.

I made a trip to the Mecca of NFL fans this past summer. Canton, Ohio to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. I've learned of many things, and took a particular interest in most Cowboys information. It's culture shock from the 70-90's and then now. I want to go back in the day and live out those moments my elders have seen for our team. Must of been great.

Maybe I'm just ranting, but I think I have something here.All I ask from this team is pride, heart, and a chance. Enjoy your Championship Sunday. Rivalries are going to be renewed in SF. I just hope that neither one of those NFC teams wins the Super Bowl this year.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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