What Was Your Favorite Cowboy Moment of the 2011 Season?

Ok, I think I have had enough with the pessimism that I too have to endure in my own life that I am watching nothing but teams that I don't like left in the NFC. After the Saints meteoric collapse against the 49ers, I have no reason to watch anything NFC anymore. At least the Steelers are out though so I can root for anyone in the AFC now. I know some of you share a different view, but hey I'll take anyone in the AFC over any team that was left in the NFC after the Saints lost. Anyway, after this season, we would hope that we are all onto greener pastures, so why wait. The season wasn't a total loss, we still won half of our games and we saw improvement from last year. So in moving onto greener pastures, let's talk about our favorite moments from this season, as I know you all have at least something that you will remember from this season. I will list a few things below that I really liked about this season.

First I have to mention what might have been my favorite moment in this season had we not collapsed and lost the game. That was the game against the Giants. My favorite moment would have been that touchdown to a WIDE OPEN Dez Bryant and when he got into the end zone he did the Victor Cruz Salsa Dance in the end zone to mock the Giants. I loved that and I actually rewound that part on my DVR to watch him do the dance again and again. Again though, we lost the game so it wasn't quite as great but still I loved that when I was in the moment.

My favorite moment this season was watching Demarco Murray run for a 91-yard touchdown against the St. Louis Rams. How many times do you get to witness a play like that for your team, honestly? Not only that but the whole game was a pleasure to watch and a great moment this season. It felt good to know that we have a feature back on our team now, instead of just a bunch of guys that play roles. Now we have a feature back with people to compliment him. Feels good doesn't it?

Sean Lee getting 4 interceptions this season was another thing I really enjoyed. I don't know which one I enjoyed most though. I think the one against the Giants would have been my favorite, however that one against Tom Brady and the Patriots was probably my favorite one because I just couldn't believe that he came down with the ball. Although the interception against the redskins was pretty good too. Basically just knowing that we added another impact player on defense was just great.

Watching Tyron Smith pretty much any game dominate the right side of the offensive line as a rookie was another great moment for me. Just knowing that we just nailed a great pick and a guy that will contribute to our success for the next 12+ years just feels good. This kid is amazing, and to think he is only going to get better with time makes it feel that much better.

Watching Dan Bailey nail 26 straight field goals, wouldn't have been a great moment this season if it had been a moment that had been completely missing from this team over the last couple years prior to this. What happened after going 26 of 27 though I don't know as he turned pretty average after that.

Finally, I have to save this one for last, as I am sure it will be a favorite on many people lists. Tony Romo, fighting through a fractured rib and a punctured lung to lead us to an overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers and hand them their only loss of the season until they would lose to Baltimore on Thanksgiving Day. That stayed as a pride in my heart for most of the season and was the sole reason I was expecting that the Cowboys could still make the playoffs. All because they were able to hand a loss to the toughest team in the NFC, on their own turf, and with a banged up team including a QB with a fractured rib and punctured lung. In fact, Tony Romo also turned in the best season of his career finishing with a passer rating of 102.5 and having a 3:1 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions with 31 TDs VS 10 INTs, almost 2 straight seasons under 10 interceptions.

Ok, so that is it for my memorable moments for the 2011 season. I am sure there are more, but that is what the comments section is for. Time to move on from the disappointment that was this season and onto greener pastures, and it all starts here. I believe we are headed in the right direction and the future looks pretty bright. Depending on the events and outcomes of this off-season, the future could look either brighter or dimmer. Only time will tell.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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