Dallas Cowboys: Random Thoughts/Draft Questions


Best Game to watch of 2011.

Greetings again my fellow BTBer's, it's Ice Bone again here to bother you with some random thoughts on our beloved Dallas Cowboys, and as always pick your fantastic brains for some opinions and analysis. Since my last post, in which I discussed my view on the glaring needs of the off-season; we in Cowboys Nation have had some slight shake-ups. I use the word slight because overall it has been pretty quiet around Valley Ranch, and we all know how that feels this time of year. Anyway I thought I would share some random thoughts and questions I may have.

As far as the new hires go, I am very pleased with our new acquisitions. Bill Callahan strikes me as a very intelligent guy, not that I don't appreciate what Hudson Houck has done for our Franchise over his long-tenured career. I just believe that Coach Houck maybe has lost touch with the game a bit; also he probably doesn't have the time to groom a new offensive line. I don't blame him for the last couple of years, nor am I upset with him in anyway. He knew it was his time and he left gracefully and for that thank you Coach Houck for the Superbowls.

On to Callahan, he has a pretty good track record on the O-Line and has had some success both in College and the NFL. I also find it interesting that he has been made The Offensive Coordinator. I don't share the same feeling as a lot of fans that are irate that Jason Garrett is still going to call the plays. Mainly because I believe that Callahan will add some much needed input, if not why did they hire him?

Jerome Henderson was the guy Rob Ryan always wanted with him, but circumstances of his contract would not allow that last season. Although I believe that players should be held accountable for their performance on the field, Campo was long overdue. Campo was the same Secondary Coach in 2009 that was part responsible for Mike Jenkins breakout performance, but then again he had his hand in 2010 as well, and deserves some credit for Jenkins in 2011. However, anytime you go into a season with a looming problem staring you in the face, then after 8-8, it is still one of the reasons your sitting at home...Changes need to be made, wounds need mending, and something's got to give right? Therefore, one of Jerry's longtime friends, and once revered Cowboy needed to ride into the sunset. I don't buy into all they hype that Henderson's Coaching was responsible for Revis, but I do think Coaching is a factor. He's good enough for Rob, he's good enough for me.

Now to other random thoughts, the other day I got to pondering about ESPN and their assumption weeks ago that the NFC East was a "weak" division. After watching the way this year panned out and now focusing on the playoffs, I think that's why the old saying goes "When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me." How can the NFC East be the weakest division? The pundits will say because the winner was 9-7. To that I say Yes, that is true, however if you dive deeper I will explain below I have set up a list that shows the Quarterbacks that are widely considered the "Upper Echelon" in the League:

    • Aaron Rodgers- GB, NFC N
    • Tom Brady-NE, AFC E
    • Peyton Manning- IND, AFC S
    • Drew Brees- NO, NFC S
    • Ben Roethlisberger-PIT, AFC N
    • Eli Manning-NYG-NFC E
    • Tony Romo- DAL-NFC E
    • Michael Vick PHI- NFC E
    • Matthew Stafford-DET, NFC N
    • Matt Ryan- ATL, NFC S

    If what you see here is true, that to me means that three of your "Top 10 Quarterbacks" play in the NFC East. That also leads to what we all know to be true and that our NFC East is not weak, but in fact very tough instead. Think about it this way, all based on this list. We are of course basing this off of the quarterback being the biggest factor in success in the NFL. Which after this year we know that to not be true, but for kicks, stay with me here. That would mean New England dominates a division with Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Matt Moore. Does Aaron Rodgers really have competition with Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler. Peyton Manning's only viable contention comes from Schaub, and on a good day Hasselbeck. Drew Brees and Ryan duel each other with Cam Newton waiting in the wings. At the end of this you have Romo, Eli, and Vick facing each other twice. That's 4 crucial games in a division that most pundits pick wrongfully every year.

      I apologize for the rambling, but frankly after watching in disdain as the Giants tore apart Atlanta then convincingly drop the #1 Seeded Reigning Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers, I would beg to differ on those assumptions.

      On to my next idea; Last week I read a post on TLH that got me shaking my head once again in embarrassment for some Cowboy Fans. The article is easy to find. It was entitled Love Him, or Hate Him, Tony Romo is the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback. The title is misleading because I thought maybe this guy was going to shed some light on what most of us believe to be a dying theory after Romo's performance in the 2011 Campaign. Well instead this guy kicked a dead horse with this one. I normally stop reading and move on but I had to comment and my comment is as follows:
      "These posts are the reason why most of us Cowboys Fans look to sbnation's BTB for our Cowboys news and analysis. These articles all start the same "Hear Me Out", No! I speak for many when I say that Tony Romo was arguably the best part of the 2011 Season, albeit that he had 2 Costly Games in Detroit, and against the Jets, but the guy has his best season and you are still writing these unnecessary pieces on why we need a Brees/Manning/Brady/Rogers/ or Roethlisberger. Look after those Guys, who all have Superbowl Rings, who is better? Eli has a ring but most would rather have Romo. This team doesn't have a problem at Quarterback, unless we are talking depth. However day after day, we see these articles posted. Aikman/ Staubach/ and even White have all protested without Romo, this team isn't even in the discussion. That is the truth my friends. Romo made significant strides this year that should be noticed. This man is a leader, and he is pretty damn good, and if this team can get a few missing pieces maybe they won't waste his talents anymore and we can have a Championship Team in Dallas again. I think it's time for you guys to quit blaming him for inadequacies in other areas such as Defensive Backs, Offensive Interior, and Pass Rushing, because if you were watching 2011 like I was that was the reason they lost to NE, ARZ, PHI(x2), NYG(x2). If we had improvement in those areas this team would be preparing right now to face the Green Bay Packers." -Ice Bone
      I will end this post because I don't want to cause many people too much to read. I will end this with a poll because it's been on my mind. Have a lovely day Cowboys Fans thanks for your opinions, ideas, and analysis; its always appreciated.
        -Ice Bone

      Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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