Player Profile: Brandon Brooks OG Miami (Ohio)


One player who is turning heads this week during the Senior Bowl practices is offensive guard Brandon Brooks.

The Cowboys obviously need to continue adding pieces to this offensive line. David DeCastro is a real target with the 14th pick, but we should also start taking a look at players beyond DeCastro.

When I was following the practice notes this week, Brooks continued to be one of the best players on the field. Right now he warrants a low grade, possibly in the fifth or sixth round. This is a four year starter who hasn't even received a combine invite.

If Brooks continues to perform like he has, he will be a big time riser on draft boards.

The Cowboys have drafted players similar to Brooks before, Robert Brewster and David Arkin. Brewster came from a smaller program at Ball State and was a tweener. He played offensive tackle and offensive guard on the line.

David Arkin was a fourth round pick last year who basically redshirted for us. I am very high on David Arkin and I think adding Brooks to pair with Arkin on the roster would be a really good football decision.

I think Brooks looks like the real deal and is a much better prospect than Brewster was. Brooks is being overlooked because of where he went to school and some weight problems.


  • Weighed in at 6'4, 353 at the Senior Bowl this week
  • 4 year starter
  • 2nd team All MAC two years in a row
  • Experienced starter at guard
  • Can play some tackle
  • Versatile player on the offensive line
  • Dominated his competition with his great athletic ability
  • Very Strong
  • Athletic, comes from a basketball background
  • Very intelligent player
  • Plays with a wide base and uses his strength and size to win battles on the line


  • Has had issues with weight
  • Sometimes has trouble moving latterly
  • Finesse players can give him some trouble
  • Has had some injuries, needs to stay healthy

Brooks is a perfect fit for the Cowboys in the mid to late rounds of the draft. Not only do we need a guard, but having another lineman who could play right tackle would be an added bonus. Brooks has the versatility that the Cowboys love to see when they scout offensive lineman.

Brooks looks like a pretty good prospect who just got swept under the rug because he went to a smaller school. The Cowboys love small school offensive lineman who are versatile and were four year starters. The Cowboys really value experience and versatility, it's just something they look for in offensive lineman and it's a great line of thinking in my opinion.

What Brooks would bring to the Cowboys is a potential starter at one of the offensive guard positions that are currently needing upgrades. In the worst case scenario, he would be a developmental guard project. He would also give them another lineman who on game day could step in and play tackle if needed.

Adding Brooks gives us a power offensive lineman with some good athletic ability. The possible pairing of David Arkin and Brandon Brooks would be a solid set of guards.

Keep your eye on Brooks, Mike Mayock has been hyping the kid up all week. Wes Bunting is also starting to come around on him too.


4th-5th round selection

Potential starter/developmental offensive lineman with upside

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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