The Cowboys do not need to emulate the Giants – a response

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First, let's get things straight about the Giant-Packer game. The Packers lost it more than the Giants won it.

The Packer receivers dropped more balls in a single game than I've seen in a long time from any team, and Rodgers missed some wide open throws he usually makes. Combine that with three lost fumbles in a game (after having 8?? the entire season) and a prayer that gets answered at the end of the first half, and you have an upset. You have to wonder how the very unfortunate issue with the OC affected their focus during the week.

There are very few things about the Giants I want to emulate. When everybody is healthy, we have a better offense, we a better QB, we have better WRs (if we resign Laurent Robinson), we have better TEs, and we have better RBs. I cannot say much about the OL, but Dallas rushed for 1807 yards this season at 4.4 a clip. The Giants, however, were last in the league at 1427 yards at 3.5 a clip. FYI -- the Giants had 3 more rushing attempts than the Cowboys over the course of the season.

The Giants have better depth on the D-line, but they've had that for several years and nothing to show for it since the 2007 season with the exception of this year.

Dallas must strive to become the same team as the New York Giants.

&*#@* that … the Giants are the benefit of the "on any given Sunday" rule in the NFL (i.e., on any given Sunday, one team can beat another). Atlanta was a weak offensive team that couldn't stretch anybody down the field – Atlanta was the perfect sacrificial lamb for the Giants who are as weak in the secondary as we are. As for Green Bay, I've discussed that above.

Both teams got killed by turnovers

Let me tell you about turnovers, you can never count on them. They are also a big part of the "on any given Sunday" rule. Green Bay was #2 in the league in turnover margin during the year with a +24. The Giants were +8. FYI – the Cowboys were +4 – not too far from the Giants and not bad considering the time only had a month to learn Ryan's offense.

"both the Giants and the San Francisco 49ers were effectively going after the ball and disrupting the quarterbacks, while the supposed favorites in each game failed to do so.

The Saints turned it over 5 times. Although no team should expect to get 5 turnovers in a game (or be +4), if you are +4 in a game, you should win the game by 2 or 3 TDs – not win on a last second play. As for Green Bay, as I noted above, they were 2nd best in the league in turnover margin – it isn't like they weren't trying.

But what they do have, especially with the return of Osi Umenyiora, is a disruptive, penetrating defensive front.

The Giants had a lot of sacks 48, which was tied for 3rd in the league, but the Cowboys had 42 sacks, which was tied for 7th in the league. I'm not seeing a big difference here.

The Giants do not have a statistically impressive defense themselves.

That is an understatement. The Giants gave up 394 points this year (or 24th best in the league) – I'm not seeing anything particularly appealing about that number. The Cowboys gave up 369 points.

In yards/game, Cowboys were 343/game for 14th in the league. The Giants were 376/game for 27th in the league. Again, I'm not sure where your love affair with the Giant's defense derives from.

What else can we look at: Forced/Recovered fumbles for Giants (13/11). For the Cowboys (13/9). Not a big difference.

In the end, your post wasn't about the Cowboys being more like the Giants. Your post was simply you want the Cowboys to draft a defensive lineman in the first round. Yeah … we get it. People are split on whether to go offensive line, defensive line, or secondary. But to bring up the Giants???? All you are doing is getting off message by making the Giants out to be a good team when they aren't.

However, as the examples of the Packers and Saints clearly proved, even an elite quarterback and a red hot offense cannot carry a team. You have to have a defense.

The fact of the matter is that the Giants are far more like the Packers, Saints, Lions, and Patriots than they are the 49ers and Ravens. On yardage basis, the Giants are the 8th in offense and 27th in defense. The Packers are 3rd in offense and 32nd in defense. The Saints are 1st in offense and 24th in defense. The Lions are 5th in offense and 23rd in defense, and the Patriots are 2nd in offense and 31st in defense. The Giants win by throwing the ball, and when their defense can step it up (never a sure thing), they can win. Same thing holds true for all of the other teams on this list except they all have better offenses.

The 49ers are 26th in offense and 4th in defense, and the Ravens are 15th in offense and 3rd in defense. Again, this is vastly different from the Giants 8th in offense and 27th in defense.

They can beat the Giants by imitating the Giants.

The Cowboys can already beat the Giants. The first game proved that. If it wasn't for a complete defensive meltdown over the last 6 minutes (and a little more aggressive play calling) by the Cowboys (i.e., not wait until 3rd down to throw the ball), the Cowboys would have won.

Many people argued that the Cowboys shouldn't want to get in the playoffs because they would have done nothing. However, the Giants proved why that belief was simply wrong because they are showing that a team with a good offense and a bad defense can still go far. Anything can happen in the playoffs and Cowboys have a better all-around team than the Giants.

As for me, I just want the Cowboys to get better -- not be the second coming of the Giants.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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