A Blessing In Disguise and a Playoff Rooting Guide

Last night I was disappointed, but when I woke up this morning I thought about how our season was over. I it made me sad, but I shrugged it off. And this is why.

Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, and even Alex Smith.

These guys would be the 5 other quarterbacks in the dance with the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo. Every QB except Alex Smith is in the top 8 in passing yards this season. With all five of them being in the top 9 in QB rating. They're some of the best passers in the league. (Add in Eli or Romo and you have some great QB battles. In this case we're leaving Eli out because this is what could of been.)

Now look at the Cowboys defense. They're 16th in points, 14th in yards, but here's the big point. They're 23rd overall against the pass. They only played one of these 5 QB's once. The worst one, Alex Smith. But we've seen guys like Rex Grossman light us up. Imagine if we played Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees?

It would be similar to our division foe the Giants. Who are the 29th ranked pass defense. The Giants needed shootouts to contend with the Saints and Packers. The Saints game, the Giant offense could not score. So they got blown out. Vs. the Packers they were able to keep pace, but the Packers had the ball last. So they lost.

If we made it in we probably lose to either the Falcons or Packers within the first two rounds. We haven't made the conference championship in a long time. That is the real goal getting past the divisional round. So while we didn't make the playoffs it was likely we would of failed again. Not because of Romo and the offense, but because the lack of protection, pass rush, and coverage. That's three big keys to football. The offensive line was hurt. I expect Nagy and Arkin to play a big role in our season next year. We should draft a guard in the draft still. Free and Tyron should be good on the outside. I'm not getting into the draft though.

We would be in the same place we were. I know this sounds like loser talk. "How can you say we would of lost? What if..." We're playing the what if game. What if we lost, what if we won...? We're going in circles. Stats show this team didn't have what it took to win a Super Bowl. And when given the chance last Sunday Night they showed no eagerness to play for their football lives. We need more guys with the passion to play football. If we have 22 Tony Romo's, DeMarcus Ware's, and Jason Witten's then we'd win more games.

Don't be mad. Look at the bright side. The 14th pick will help us gain more talent, and being in third place we don't play the Packers and Saints next year. Onto the playoff rooting guide!

Bengals @ Texans :

Not knowing what type of fans you guys are I'll just assume half of you like the Texans and half of you hate them. I have no feeling towards them. I don't live in Texas so the cross-town rivalry means little to me. So here I'll just say do you like Houston or not? I want the Bengals. Red Rifle FTW.

Steelers @ Broncos :

Not only do we not want the Steelers to get their 7th Super Bowl. We also might want Tim Tebow to win a playoff game! I want the guy to win. As Charlie Sheen would said Tebowing!

Lions @ Saints :

I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of Detroit. They're a dirty team and Suh isn't my favorite player. The Saints have a good shot to win the NFC, and possibly knock out the Packers and the team I shall name later.

Falcons @ Giants :

Go Falcons. Obviously. I'm on their wagon right now, but that could change in a week if the Giants win. The Giants look scary, but can their defense stop Matt Ryan who has a pretty decent offensive line? We want Atlanta. Dirty Birds!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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