Lets keep Almost Anthony

As a Cowboys fan since birth, i have come to loathe and appreciate the process of predicting talent. With that being said, I am amazed at the blatant efforts to blame a squandered season (or two) on Anthony Spencer. Mr Spencer deserves to hoist some blame on his shoulders but should we get rid of him, simply put "No"!!!

In my opinion his draft spot almost always draws the ire of fans and non factors of the Dallas Cowboys.
I still have faith in the man we drafted #26 in the 2007 draft.

He played sparsely his first two seasons behind Greg Ellis.

Before we get started lets get the Ware and Spencer comparisons out of the way!

Yes, they were both DE's in college, yes the both have nice combine numbers, but in a defense your player has to do his part within the scheme. How many TE's or RB's does Ware have to cover or at least check the flat before he rushes.

When the Cowboys went to the 3-4 front it was to confuse an offenses, D Ware plays the Rush End OLB spot, which coincidentally means he RUSHES, no two players can do the same thing on a given play, if you send someone extra someone else has to cover the person in man or that area of the field in zone coverages. Honestly speaking who knew D. Ware would turn out to be such a beast for us.

In order for Mr Ware's sack totals to exceed expectations he has to get after the passer, but he has had over the years quality ends to engage the OT while he makes his moves ie.. Chris Canty, Igor, Hatcher. When Spencer was finally given a chance to start he was lined next to Spears and Coleman, run stuffing specialists so that he may set the edge, play the flat or hand a TE off into a zone, then he rushes, all of this must be done before he gets the green light.

Along without the presence of a pass rushing end to his side, he almost exclusively lines up next to T. Newman as the corner to his side. Most QB's are right handed so you immediately see what is going on and not the blind side of a play (D. Ware). T Newman plays about 10 yds back, there is no way to stop a quick slant or a hitch and go which he frequently gets beat by alond with Victor Cruz's infamous drag route. Almost Anthony does not have time to even get to a passer, then next your coverage has to hold up long enough for your rushes to get there, and we all know about our secondary

How many truely believe his isnt a good player or do we simply say Ware draws double teams so he should be free.

Looking at the free agent class of OLB i am not impressed, nor do i believe a rookie OLB can learn Ryan's defense and outpre

In his seasons you can not tell me that he has not earned a new contract, not a Woodley but a Spencer, but all those who say draft Upshaw isnt he just like Anthony?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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