Free Agency & Terence Newman

Terrence Newman

Many have speculated and continue to speculate about whom the Cowboys should draft, which positions are in need more than others, what free agents are available, who should be pursued by the Cowboys. Now I'm not the most intelligent sports guru known to man but I know a thing or two about football, especially Dallas Cowboys football, and a few vacancies which are available on the Dallas Cowboys roster can easily be shored up by making a few position changes. If only the ideas and thoughts that drift through my brain were inside the minds of the Cowboys coaching staff. So on defense the positions that the Cowboys are in desperate need of help at are:

(Defensive End) : Let's face it Cowboy fans, Jason Hatcher is an average end who happened to over achieve quite a bit from the begining of the season towards the end. He has potential but very little, his true colors were glaring towards season's end.

Marcus Spears is the exact opposite of Jason Hatcher, Spears is an under achiever. Drafted in the first round the same year Dallas drafted fellow teammate DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears had high expectations following a stellar career at Louisiana State University (LSU). But Spears never stepped up to par, the 7 year career Defensive lineman has had an annoyingly up and down career. Like Hatcher, he shows flashes of being capable of being a legit D. End but can never break through that ceiling.

(Safety) : It's been rumored that following the big contract extension signed by Gerald Sensabaugh (Offered by Mr. Jones himself) that Jerry Jones isn't looking to make a splash in the free agency in that particular position instead going in

(Cornerback) : Let's face it, Mike Jenkins has all the heart in the world and is very talented (Potential is extremely high) but he can't stay healthy if his life depended on it. I'm not saying release or trade him, but shore up the position. It's obvious to everyone that Terence Newman has lost a step, and not only has he lost a step but that step has triggered him to make mental mistakes he's never committed before( Ah la the overtime pass interference call in Arizona Week 13).

Orlando Scandrick: This man's motor is high and has made a tremendous amount of strides this year but still is not enough. As Jenkins, his potential is very high as well. Before this year his average was that he was burned more often than he created a good play. This year I would say it was about 55/45 positive.

(Linebacker) : Is not really a position of major focus but also a position of need as well. Any time you have player of DeMarcus Ware's stature sitting at 12 sacks through 9 weeks( 8 considering the bye) there is no excuse why he shouldn't have broken Michael Strahan's record of 22.5 sacks set in 2001 against Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. But no it was easy to contain him because teams realized that the Cowboys have no other serious threats at pass rushing on the team besides Ware, so why not double and triple team him and lets watch what happens. And what happened? We all witnessed that outcome, an overachieving defense through 8 weeks, and a declining D throughout the final 9.

Bradie James/Keith Brooking: Savvy vets but declining with age as expected. Very intelligent but both lack the pass rush much needed on this team. Keith Brooking as well as Bradie James are legit run stoppers, but the inability to reach the quarterback has been becoming an ongoing problem. Before it was overlooked because they were solid run stoppers and their coverage was above average for lack of a better word. But now that the coverage is declining as well it is time to shore up at middle linebacker as well.

People insult our secondary as if it were the worst secondary to ever exist but what people don't pay attention to is the fact that a Defensive Back cannot cover a receiver for more than 3 seconds. You have to get pressure (Example: The Cowboys defense of 2009, Mike Jenkins as well as Terence Newman were both starters in the Pro Bowl, but not because they were all world, but because the pass rush made them look all world). That goes for any DB in the league, look what happened to Darrelle Revis this year that the Jets pass rush was non-existent. My point being that you have to evaluate the whole picture not just a small portion. DeMarcus Ware accounted for 2/3 the sacks the entire Dallas Cowboys team committed. Long story short, the reasoning behind this post is that before the Cowboys go soul searching for big name free agents and draft picks, they should evaluate their own team for the talent in areas they are in need of.

(Terence Newman) : As I said before Newman is aging and has lost a step, but as I've been preaching for years (My Father as well) but for some reason the coaching staff doesn't even envision the same image is that the Dallas Cowboys should move him to Free Safety. It sounded like a brilliant idea years ago while he was in his prime but now it is more intelligent than ever because as his speed may hinder him in the cornerback area it would be perfect for the safety position. He is a very knowledgeable football player who has made major mental mistakes this season based on the fact that he continuously got burned on many occasions. Free Safety would be great, that way instead of looking in free agency or the draft pool for a new starter, you already have him on your team. And instead of worrying about spending less money in free agency on the lesser talented defender, you upgrade for a cheaper price. And if anything this allows you to spend big bucks on a top notch corner to go with Mike Jenkins and a back field consisting of Gerald Sensabaugh and Terence Newman.

(Anthony Spencer) : Anthony Spencer though he's shown plenty of spark throughout his career, is an underachiever as well. Drafted in 2007 with the 26th pick the Cowboys had high expectations for this gentleman as well. Playing along side DeMarcus Ware with his talent and ability, there's no reason the Cowboys pass rush shouldn't be among the tops in the league. But Spencer struggled early on to transition from Defensive End to Outside Linebacker. In 2009 he showed flashes of what he could be totalling 67 tackles 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. But since then, he as well as Marcus Spears, just hasn't been able to break through that ceiling. As Bradie James and Keith Brooking he is a very good run stopper, but his coverage and pass rush are below average. This is where I say ok move him to Middle Linebacker along side 2011 standout Sean Lee. Start Victor Butler at Outside Linebacker alongside DeMarcus Ware and this way you can make a splash in free agency, reeling in a big fish at Outside Linebacker. Think about it, a Middle Linebacker's job is to run stop and Cover the middle of the field (Tight Ends etc.) That's everything Anthony Spencer is capable of doing. He won't have to "ATTEMPT" to pass rush as often and at the same time Victor Butler is a decent Pass Rusher, he's proven it every chance he's gotten to play. Butler's only weakness is that he has a tendency to be blocked easily by the running back, and he lacks run stopping abilities. But with DeMarcus Ware, Sean Lee, Anthony Spencer and Jay Ratliff on the field at the same time, he shouldn't even have to worry, and like I said instead of trying to find a middle linebacker through free agency or the draft who's not much of a pass rusher, this opens up the possibility of adding a pass rusher through the Defensive End position and/or Outside Linebacker position, but not just any DE or OLB but a top dollar one at that.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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