5 and a half minutes in December

I have been trying to go to one Cowboys game a year for the last few years, this year it 12/11 home against the Giants. I was meeting a friend of mine from college at the game, it promised to be a good time. It was a 6 hour drive for me to get to Dallas for the game. I was pulled over once on the way, the good natured Texas Highway Patrol officer gave me a warning not a ticket, for the first time in my life, I took it as a good omen. When I arrived in Dallas, I met up with my friend. I told him that we had lucked out in picking the most important game of the season to go to. He agreed, we both knew that whatever was to come of this season hinged on this game.

Jerry World is an awesome place, every Cowboy fan should go at least once in their life. The shuttle from the hotel dropped us off and we walked the remaining few blocks to the stadium. Being unfamiliar and a night game, we ended up trying to go in on the wrong side of the stadium, a bad omen. We walked all the way around and made it to our seats with time to spare, a good omen.

First quarter, toss to Murray, I knew when he was tackled that this was bad. I knew he was done for the night at least, I thought high ankle sprain, it turned out worse. Felix came in and picked up the slack admirably. The Boys were off and running on offense. Newman dropped a gift pick six. I mean I was looking right at it, as it should have been coming right back to the corner of the end zone in which I was seated, I was beside myself. After that neither D could do a thing to stop the other O. It was back and forth. Three rows behind me was the most annoying Giants fan. I stand up quite a bit during the game, this jerk was telling me to sit down. I turned around and invited him down, finally I just started ignoring the idiot. I hoped my Boys would help him to a night of unhappiness.

Finally in the second half the Boys seemed to gain a little momentum. The Austin score put the Boys up. The amazing Sean Lee int, then the bomb to Dez, I think I was closer to him than the nearest Giants defender, the Boys were up by 12 with a little over 5 and half left to play. It was then I had a feeling of dread that I tired to talk myself out of, but it kept nagging me. A minute or two later and I knew why. The next Cowboys series I knew anything but a three and out would be good. When Romo and Miles missed the connection, my dread increased. A few plays later we are facing Giants first and goal and I am thinking, let them score, I hate to ever think that. You guys know the rest, I can’t even bring myself to type it out.

It was a great game, except for the last 5 and half. The offense looked great and the defense made few plays, except for Lee, still don’t know how he caught that and then returned it, love that guy. Right there, the Boys hung right there with what is now the NFC Super Bowl team. What was the difference, the missed Romo to Austin pass. Complete that, the Boys win the East. Maybe you could say the Newman pick six that was not to be. Maybe if Murray doesn’t get hurt it is a different story. You know what the say about if and buts, now Christmas is over and I don’t want more candy and nuts. Could the Boys be where the Giants are now. I don’t know, but they were certainly damn close to making sure the Giants weren’t where they are now.

The worst thing is that annoying Giants fan gets another Super Bowl to watch while all I have is the wish that I would have had further "discussions" with horribly annoying, drunk, Giants fan.

I hope our Boys feel the same frustration that we fans feel.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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