Dallas Cowboys: Waiting For An Absolution...


Greetings to all readers of this fantastic site, March cannot come soon enough for this Cowboy Fan. Vigorously, I troll this site and many others just salivating for one ounce of excitement. This off-season has got me twiddling my thumbs with such impatience that another addition to the coaching staff would cause me to go into a fit of joy. I just want a splash of anything Cowboys. This is going to be an article full of new hope and just ideas and thoughts that I have running in the part of my brain that is Cowboys Nation.

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First, let me say to KD Drummond and ChiaCrack, Bravo! The pod cast is great; it helps me get through some long days of Cowboy-Less ESPN Radio. A big thanks to you both for helping me understand this year's draft and prospects. I don't follow College too much but I will now because of you. Much appreciated for your hard work every week.

So I recently bought an Away Authentic Romo Jersey to add to my 60's Throwback and Home Jersey. I tell you this because all week I can't stop thinking about how much I want Tony Romo to win a Superbowl. If it is eating at me like this, it must be eating at him. After watching Eli entering his second Championship Game, I can't help but think if Eli wins and has two rings, Romo should have one.

I've been following Tony Romo since he was 3rd String. His story is remarkable and all the guy does is perform at a high level. I think that this life is a dream come true for him, and something he probably never imagined. That is the reason that I will defend him to the death. I know people (as you all do too) that just can't say anything nice about the guy. It's painful to talk to those people. They blame him for things that are out of his control. The problem has always been that he hasn't had the right pieces in place to make it happen.

Have you ever watched The Dallas Cowboys America's Game Box-set? Of course you have. Michael Irvin said that in Landry's last years when they would lose, players would say to him "Don't worry, you'll still get the check Tuesday." Michael was flabbergasted at the response from players that just wanted to mail it in. I can't help but think there are those guys on our current roster. I can't pinpoint whom, but I watch their play sometimes and feel that there is a lack of focus, and energy.

I'm an Actor, have been most of my life. I might not know what it means to put the pads on and go out there and play against the best of the best for 60 minutes and change, however I know that before any performance I have ever been in, it takes passion, commitment, focus and above all energy to entertain anyone who bought that ticket to see me. That drive to be the best and to win the applause during the curtain call is still the most rewarding thing in my life.

I plead with this coaching staff and front office to really evaluate the talent and look into what RKG really means in their minds. If I'm Rob Ryan and Jason Garrett I want play-makers. I'm not asking for Pro-Bowlers at every level, that's just not realistic. I just want guys that want to make plays, guys that try to make plays, guys that need to make plays, and guys who just love the game. Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Sean Lee, DeMarco Murray, Tyron Smith, Laurent Robinson, Miles Austin, even Dez Bryant and Mike Jenkins all show me the will and need to succeed and win. I'm not trying to leave others out that could fit in this list, and I apologize if I did, but as they say on Countdown "Come on Man?!"

New subject that I have been pondering, Jim Irsay is starting to get on my nerves. I think so many call for Jerry Jones' head almost everyday, but to me The Colts right now according to my Colt's Best Friend are a "Circus Act". Now my friend loves the Colts like we love our Cowboys; but the Twitter stuff has to go. My friend's quote " Jerry might be a guy who should have subtitles onscreen every time he talks but at least he is not turning his Coaching/ Front Office decisions into a full on sweepstakes." He went on this rant to me and also went on to say that it's a shame if the Colt's force Peyton out for Luck. He wants Luck but he feels that Peyton has earned the right to compete; he even praised Jerry for wanting his players to retire wearing the star. I wish the best for Peyton Manning the guy deserves that much.

I really believe that 2012's Dallas Cowboys can do great things if they can get a few missing pieces and another solid year from the regulars. Melvin Ingram and Courtney Upshaw are making me slobber on myself thinking about either playing opposite Ware. I get excited to ponder the thoughts of having another Corner like Alfonzo Dennard, or Janoris Jenkins to be out there taking some pressure off our own Mike Jenkins with Scandrick in the slot. Maybe we can get a decent Free Agent or two that are looking to get us over the hump. What about the thought of a David DeCastro by Tyron Smith opening lanes for Murray and giving Romo all the time in the world? I look forward to Training Camp for position battles and since I live in Austin, I go to all the ones I can in San Antonio.

I'm just waiting for an absolution, one that is slowly but surely going to come around soon. Until then I will find myself aimlessly searching for stuff to read about and having as much Kool-aid as I can get. It's been a pleasure as always, here's to a good start to our 2012 Campaign, may all our Cowboy Dreams come true.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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