Jerry Jones - I'm your fan!

Many are squarely blaming Jerry for the loss. On top of the blame are so many personal attacks. Here is the guy who has brought us more championships than the rest of our franchise history combined.

  • He's worth two billion dollars. He made that money himself. I'll give any billionaire who made his money on his own enough respect not to refer to him as an idiot even when I disagree.
  • He was co-captain of the National Champion Arkansas Razorbacks back in 1964. Maybe some of you critics are former college football players, I don't know. I didn't make it past high school myself. So yes I have a lot of respect for this part of Jerry's life.
  • Jerry is a life long Dallas fan - very cool!
  • Not sure how many of you have bought something for $140 million. Well anyways shortly after buying the Dallas franchise he brings Cowboy Nation his greatest gift in hiring coach Jimmy Johnson - a first time NFL coach. Together they win two Super Bowls - the first super bowl victories for Dallas since 1977!
  • Contrary to what many believe, Jimmy Johnson was not the manager during this time. It worked then just like now - head coach gives his input and management takes it into consideration. Jimmy Johnson didn't want to draft Emmit Smith but management did - there ya go. After Jimmy left the Cowboys drafted Larry Allen and signed Deion Sanders/Charles Haley. Jerry at that time was making a lot of smart decisions!
  • In fact, once again I'll say it: under JJ the Cowboys have won more super bowls than the rest of their history combined. But...

Like anything that starts out so well there is generally a crash. And crashing can describe the Cowboys for the last 15 years. If there was ever a time not to be a fan of Jerry Jones it was during that 15 year stretch. He was firing coaches left and right. He was making crazy trades. But he learned from his mistakes and like a man owned up to them.

In 2010 we had a nice draft, followed by the hiring of Jason Garrett, and a great off-season last year.

So many fans wanted more last off-season but the team took so many strides last summer to get younger, get cap friendly, and infuse some talent. There simply wasn't enough time, money, or talent available to fix every problem.

With as much cleaning as they did the past off-season, this summer you can expect the remaining and somewhat obvious holes to be fixed.

And with another strong off-season, all under our great owner's control, I'll be looking forward to JJ getting a nice pat on the back. He's already got my gratitude. I'm not so small minded to think he didn't have something to do with our last three super bowls. And I'll forgive him for that 15 year run. The rest of his life has been filled with some pretty phenomenal success.

We all have our bumps. 8-8 might not be what we wanted this season but if you can't see the forward momentum of the team then you really don't know football. And maybe in that case you might want to be a little more patient with your words.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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