Cowboys need to return to their 90's roots.

It amazes me that the Cowboys have a head coach, who was a player on the 90's championship teams, but won't take advantage of those experiences. Jason Garrett is an Ivy league educated coach but he seems to make decisions that aren't consistent with that level of education.

Here are some example of traits from the 90's teams that needs to be applied to the current team:

#1) Switch back to the 4-3 defense. The same concept that we had using Russell Maryland, Tony Casillas, Jimmie Jones, Leon Lett, & Jim Jeffcoat; the Giants are using to beat teams (us)today. The Giants used it to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The Giants apply constant pressure on the opposing QB's by rotating D-linemen to keep them fresh. Sounds familiar? I'd bet that Buffalo's Jim Kelly will tell you "that's 90's Cowboys". Both Ware and Spencer were d-ends in college. The move would not hurt them. And no, they are not too small. They both are 260ish, prototype NFL 4-3 rush ends. By the way, Alex Albright is another former college d-end 6'5" 256 lbs. Also, trainers & nutrition can add 10 pounds if needed. Players are constantly changed to fit roles. For instance, Greg Ellis/Mario Williams' move to OLB. There once was a too big MLB who moved to DT named Randy White. This move also allows Ratliff to play a more natural 4-3 dt ,opposed to a 3-4 tackle that he is not truly suited for. The remaining d-linemen will give us that constant rotation that allows for a stronger rush from fresh players. Bradie Jame is a capable-Robert Jones type MLB. Sean Lee can play anywhere but I'm thinking a Dexter Coakley/Derrick Brooks-type role because of his ball skills. Bruce Carter can play OLB in space because of his speed. The stronger rush would help with poor secondary play. I won't explain this too much. We need to drop Newman foremost and draft corners. I'd rather just live with Jenkins and Scandrick. We need to draft or sign a cornerback. Obviously Rob Ryan is not the coordinator for this defense. I'm thinking bring back Mike Zimmer.

#2) The power running game. It seems we got rid of our big line for a small one. We seem to have a finesse line. The line from the 90's was tough big and would smash people. We intimidated teams even when pass blocking. We had big and tall tackles and thick stocky guards with a mobile center in the 90's. We had a short strong rb with decent not good speed, who never had to come out in any situation. A rb that picked up 3 yards first (unlike Barry Sanders who danced around) then made people miss in second level. Power running still works in the NFL..think Ray Rice/Moe Jones Drew and Ravens line. Short but strong runners who hit creases for 5 yards a pop.

#3) The Irvin slant. 3rd and 7: everyone knew it was going to the Playmaker. No one could stop it. Yes, we run the slant now but it doesn't have that unstoppable feel to it. Romo and Miles need to perfect that. It's like the most unstoppable play ever in basketball (not Michael Jordan in the last second of a game...even Michael admitted how often he failed in that situation). No...The surest 2 points ever in basketball was Magic taking the smaller defending point guard to the right wing and tossing the ball over him to a posting up Kareem for the unblockable sky hook. Romo needs to learn how to throw the slant in his sleep the way Troy did to Irvin. Complete it 90% of the time like Aikman to Irvin.

#4) The deep ball (Harper) Dez can do this. Actually Dez can do much more. But Dez is like Harper in that he has great ability but doesn't run correct routes in comparison to Miles Austin.

Again, how can Jason Garrett not see this? Is Jerry Jones still so determined to win without Jimmy Johnson's influence that he won't follow Jimmy's blueprint? I believe this is the problem. We wont use Jimmy's blueprint. This is the same blueprint of the Miami Hurricanes great teams that Jimmy perfected that Howard Schellenberger started. The only thing we have that's like the 90's team is Witten (Novacek's equal or even better). Ware puts up sacks but he's no Haley. Haley brought an attitude. We need that. W e just lost to the Giants and the Giants look more like us than well

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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