Hey Jerry, Keep Up With The Jones's: Chandler Jones


Right now, a lot of people on BTB are hyped up about Illinois DE Whitney Mercilus. Yes he has a cool name and off that alone should make him get drafted at least ten spots higher. When I watch Mercilus on tape, I just don't see the speed and athleticism, I am not seeing the pass rush moves. Maybe I am dead wrong about him, but Wes Bunting wasn't too fond of him either. Mercilus looks like another Anthony Spencer, a great 4-3 DE prospect.

I have made it well known that I love South Carolina DE Melvin Ingram. That has been my guy for some time now and I really believe the Cowboys should strongly consider him with the 14th overall pick in April.

Now I have another rising prospect on my board and I want to share him with the rest of you at BTB. As always, my main objective is to enlighten you and share my information on prospects. Almost every fan post I write will be about prospects I like. Honestly, I don't want to waste my time writing about prospects that I am not high on. Let's leave that to the experts. They get paid and I don't, so I will let them write about prospects they don't like. In my opinion, it's a waste of my time to write about a guy I don't like.

If you are familiar with the UFC, which I am not a huge fan of, but do watch occasionally, then you should know who Jon "Bones" Jones is. If you are also familiar with him, then you should know his younger brother is Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones.

Well the Jones family has another amazing athletic specimen and recently he has just declared for the NFL draft.

I am talking about Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones. I am from New York, so I may be a little bit biased on my evaluation of Chandler Jones. This kid has NFL star written all over him and after he blows the doors off the combine, he will be a hot name in the draft community.

Chandler Jones


Chandler Jones reminds me a lot of the great Michael Strahan. Strahan was the first player that popped into my head when I watch Jones play. By now you should know that I like tall players with long arms at 3-4 OLB. DeMarcus Ware and Aldon Smith are my prototypical players for that position. Jason Pierre Paul has the same type of frame and is another player with that skill set. Speed and size are just something that cannot be taught.

Jones has great size standing in at 6'5, 265 pounds. He has the long arms and muscular frame that I absolutely drool over when it comes to pass rushers. I think Jones is such a good prospect that he could play in any NFL defensive system. He could beef up and play as a five technique in the 3-4, he could stay as a 4-3 DE, or he could stand up as a 3-4 OLB.

The first thing I notice about Jones is his athleticism and quick twitch ability. He can get off the line quick and that quick first step is a must when looking for pass rushers. He uses his long arms to his advantage and can actually still improve in that area. Jones has an excellent bull rush, reminiscent of Michael Strahan. He also has the speed to take offensive tackles to the outside, drop his pad level and level the quarterback.

An underrated aspect of Jones's game is his ability against the run and his football intelligence. He looks like a smart football player with good instincts. The Cowboys definitely need more of that on their team. Anthony Spencer lacked this and I would consider him a dumb football player. Jones is real good against the run and could step in and produce in that area as a 3-4 OLB for us.

Scouts Inc questions his pass rushing ability and athleticism. It makes no sense to me because Mel Kiper and a lot of other scouts have raved about Jones's athletic ability. I have lost some respect for Scouts Inc recently after Todd McShay mistakenly said Whitney Mercilus was 365 pounds and was a good defensive tackle. Scouts Inc has overlooked Jones as well and I disagree with the scouting report on him.

Chandler Jones is going to blow up the combine and put up great numbers. I wouldn't be surprised to see him put up DeMarcus Ware or Aldon Smith like numbers there. Jones is a great athletic specimen and comes from a family with an athletic background.

Right now I think Jones is very much under the radar and is one of the most underrated prospects in the draft. Jones could rise into the first round after the combine, that is a given in my opinion. Now some will say he is a reach with the 14th pick and I understand that. He is a little raw, but has amazing upside. Jason Pierre Paul went 15th overall in 2010, and I think Chandler Jones is farther along in his career than JPP was when he got drafted.

I see Chandler Jones as one of the best pass rushing prospects in the entire draft. If the Cowboys took this kid, I would jump for joy like I did when they took Dez Bryant back in 2010. This is the type of guy who could produce over 10 sacks for us and make this pass rush lethal again.

Chandler Jones vs West Virginia (via MetaDraft)

Chandler Jones - Don't let me fall (via uhurricanes3)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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