Bobby Wagner - Yes, Please

Greetings BTBers, I hope you all are having a great Tuesday!!

I've been wanting to write something on one Mr. Bobby Wagner since his performance at the Senior Bowl, but I have been traveling and now I find myself with some downtime and will share some thoughts with you all.

(Stay Down Punk)

Now, I'm new to this Blog, so bear with me a sec and hopefully you all will enjoy.

During the Senior Bowl, I kept seeing this guy all over the field making plays... he had 7 tackles (1 of those for a loss) and a nice INT of Weeden. He was named the Most Outstanding Player for the North following the game. All week I kept reading scouts' reviews and Bobby Wagner was a name that continued to surface… after watching the game I can now see why.

Now, I don't watch much WAC football seeing that I'm in Texas... I did get a heaping full dose of WHACK football from my Longhorns... UGH. So I decided to do some digging since I was in unfamiliar territory...

First off, his measureables weren't overly impressive based on what he was listed at for his Sr. Year at Utah State: 6'0" 232lbs. Well, when he weighed in at the Senior Bowl, the height was still 6' but his weight is now a solid 241lbs. You would have to wonder if this would affect his speed but I'm not so sure that's part of his game and of course we’ll see what his true speed is in Indy in late Feb. He seems to play based on instinct and that is something that cannot be taught. The guy is always around the ball.

Here are some key stats over his 4 year career at Utah State:

Tackles - 445

TFL - 28.5

Sacks - 4.5

Int - 4

The guy is a playmaker and he knows how to tackle. If there is something our Cowboys have been lacking amongst many things it's "Tackling". Bradie James was good but he's seen better days and Brooking will be collecting Social Security soon. We need another LB that can either challenge Bruce Carter or rotate with him and Sean Lee. This kid could be the answer. He sort of reminds me of David Hawthorne but with more upside... not physically imposing, not overly fast, but has a nose for the ball.

Here he is hunting:

We'll have a much clearer picture of where he might go in the draft after the combine but right now I'm seeing him as high as the 2nd Round. Now, let's say he falls to us in the 3rd.. do we take him? I say yes. What about the 2nd? It all depends on Free Agency and what we do with our 1st Round pick pending Jerral doesn't trade it. Also, you have to think the Eagles are looking at him as well. How do you feel about seeing him twice a year? I sure wouldn't like to see him with chicken wing on his helmet.

Another reason I like this guy is he just seems like a RKG. He is going to graduate with his degree in entrepreneurship and he's a father. He's responsible enough to manage: school, practice and fatherhood. I'll take a guy like that on my team anyday. Think about the leadership and the sense of accountability he could bring to our team. We need more players like this. I'm tired of seeing our players throwing their hands in the air glaring at each other after a blown assignment. I'm not saying he's the second coming of Ray Lewis in terms of leadership, but he can only help.

Check out this article on him from the Salt Lake Tribune: Wagner - Salt Lake Tribune

After digging around, I only like this guy more and more. I was/am a hugh Ninja Turtle fan and apparently so is Bobby: Wagner - Ninja Turtle

I would give a big COWABUNGA if we drafted this Totally Tubular Linebacking Dude!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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