Fan Poster Of The Year Acceptance Speech


Wow, I don't know where to start. This is a great honor and privilege to stand up here and accept this award. I knew I would be in the running for this great achievement, but I doubted I would win the award when I saw the other finalists names. Congratulations to 5Blings and Fan In Thick and Thin and to all of the other nominees.

The BTB community is the best Cowboys community I have come across. What makes BTB so great is that we can share our thoughts and ideas with each other. There have been a tremendous amount of quality fan posts this year and I am honored to be named the winner of this award.

What I was searching for was a Cowboys website with good character. Almost the entirety of this web site is what Garrett would call, the right kind of guys (RKG). The community of this website makes this such a great place and I am honored to call this place home.

When I came across BTB two summers ago, i didn't join at first. I just read the articles and came away utterly impressed with the material. I come from, a place where I began to lose my beloved enthusiasm with. I was looking for a new website that I could share my ideas with and interact with other Cowboys fans. So on July 23 2010, I found my new home.

On October 26 2010, I finally decided to put my ideas down in writing and join in on the fan posting. My first fan post was easily one of my worst posts ever.

What a horrible piece of work that was and I am embarrassed to even look at that now. I took a lot of heat for that article and it deserved to be bashed by the BTB community. It was a rant that showed the dark side of myself and I have learned so much since writing that article.

I have learned that being brash like that isn't a great idea. Since that article, I have grown so much as a person and as a writer. Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine. Ever since my grandmother taught me to read, I have enjoyed the aspects of reading and writing. I was really advanced for my age and when I was 4 years old, the librarian made me read the first paragraph of a book before they would let me borrow the book. They doubted my capability as a 4 year old and never believed I could read an adults book on Abraham Lincoln.

I remember my first fan post that went to the recommended section towards the top of the page.

In that article I began to find my voice and the draft is one area of football that I truly love. After that post, I began to write even more fan posts. I started my now defunct series, Crack Hits. It was too controversial and I decided to scrap the ongoing series this year. I think the material was good, but too many people were offended by the name. It was another lesson I learned during my time on here.

Fan In Thick and Thin gave me the idea to start my own big board and rank prospects according to how I felt they should be ranked. With the help from OCC, the draft board received a visual upgrade. OCC was a big help and I want to thank you for your support. Without your help, who knows if the draft board ever would have took off the way it did.

The big board was a great success and I thank Fan for giving me the idea. The support was tremendous and I won a few SBNation Dallas Editor's Pick for my big board and draft articles.

During the draft process, I fell in love with our eventual first round pick, offensive tackle Tyron Smith. Wes Bunting and Rafael Vera really sold me the idea and from there I fell in love with the kid. Look at how many pieces I wrote on Tyron Smith alone last year.

I was so happy that I was right about this kid. I started writing about him back in December and January, if I was wrong about him, boy would I have looked pretty stupid. LOL I am glad Tron really worked out and I am glad he is a Dallas Cowboy.

The draft has kind of become my niche and I am glad that I always here great responses about my draft articles. The overwhelming support for my draft stuff is truly an honor and I want to thank everyone who reads and actually likes my material.

With the draft stuff taking off, I wanted to branch out and find more creative ways to talk about the Cowboys. I love movies, movies are my favorite form of entertainment outside of the Dallas Cowboys. Music and reading are high on that list too, but I consider myself a big movie buff too.

Some of my best posts have included movie references.

The movie themed posts were another great success and well received by the BTB community. I am glad you enjoyed those themed articles. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed and read them.

Recently I have entered draft mode. I have no choice really, the season is over and this is where I shine. You should expect to see a bunch of draft stuff from me over the next few months. As always, I will try to educate you and show you some prospects that you may not know about. I will also write about the obvious prospects that would fit the Cowboys.

I want to thank you, the BTB audience. The community is made up with great character and I have tremendous respect for the community and the front page writers. But I want the members and community of this site to know something. We are important to this website, we are the ones who make it great. The front page writers do a tremendous job, no doubt about that. We have the best front page writers on SBNation.

But the community makes a site great. Without a great community like we have, it just wouldn't be the same. I want to thank all of you, the people who read my fan posts and the people who write fan posts. We truly have a great fan post writing community and they pump out some fantastic work.

I want to thank all of the front page writers. OCC, you are a class act and I thank you for your help and support. Rabble, where would I be without you? Since day one, you recognized my talent and have been a supporter and ally. Thank you for all of your kind words and shout outs. Tom Ryle, thank you for reaching out to me the way you did. I look forward to our work together. KD, you are one cool dude and I thank you for your support. You have been a big time supporter as well. Kegbearer, thanks for being a good friend.

2011 was a rough year for me. I came down with a serious case of diabetes and had a real scare there right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. It couldn't have come at a worse time. For two weeks, around Thanksgiving, I was feeling awful. I was constantly thirsty, nothing solved the thirst I had. I was constantly going to the bath room, like every 20 minutes. I had no appetite, I was nauseous and couldn't eat ANYTHING. I was constantly tired and had NO energy.

It was easily one of the worst experiences of my life. At first I thought I was just sick, but then I looked at the diabetes symptoms and it all fit. The worst was when pfloyd told me what he thought as a physician, get to the hospital. I went to the hospital with a blood sugar of 600. My mother almost passed out. I spent three days in the hospital and it sucked.

Now my blood sugar is normal and I am keeping up with the insulin. I feel the best I have felt in years. I have lost 40 pounds and another 30-40 pounds, I will be at my goal weight. I am in such better physical shape and I feel great. I have energy and my new eating habits are helping that. Low carbs and basically no sugar. No more 10 cans of Coca Cola a day. I know that is crazy to hear, but I was drinking an insane amount of soda. Soda almost killed me.

My main goal when I first joined here was to find other Cowboys fans. Living in New York, you don't get many. After a while, my goal evolved into me wanting to become a front page writer. I would love to be a front page writer for this website. That would be a true honor. If that day never comes, it's cool. I am just going to continue in improving my craft as a writer. If indeed that day does come, I will be truly blessed to be a part of BTB as a front page writer. But regardless of the outcome, I am going to write and try to improve every single time I write something.

My attitude and behavior have improved greatly on here. I apologize for my behavior that I used to display. Since the summer I have worked on the way I interact on here. I am no saint, but I have put a great emphasis on the way I act on here. Toning it down and refraining from entering some conversations has really worked for me.

Thanks to Rabble for recognizing me and for rewarding me with this reward. 2012 is going to be a much better year for me health wise and hopefully for the Cowboys. I hear the Oscar music playing, so I guess my time is up. Thank you to everyone once again and you can expect a bunch of more draft stuff from me this winter.

Thanks to everyone, thank you so much.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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