Why we should trade DeMarcus Ware...



I feel like a horrible person to even suggest this but it has to be written.

Disclaimer, Ware is my favorite player on the 'boys. I love everything about him. I absolutely will argue with anyone he is the premier pass rusher in the entire NFL; Jared Allen be damned. Without a doubt I believe he is already a first ballot HOF player and still has at least 4 years of playing at an elite level. So why the ^*&(* would we trade him?



Here is why. Ware will not last forever. We are not close enough to kid ourselves that we can really take advantage of his skills and we are almost certainly not winning a SB with Ware in his prime. Does anyone remember October 12th 1989? Here is a refresher Dallas trades best player for a kings ransom.

The man, the myth, the legend Jimmy realized the team was not close enough to win a SB so they decided to trade Herschel Walker for (conditionally) 3 first round draft picks, 2 second round picks and a few other things.

Doesn't this sound a little too familiar?

We had some of the pieces we needed (QB, WR, FB, etc) but we weren't close enough to get there without doing something drastic (secondary/interior oline). Are you telling me the Pats wouldn't trade at least their 2 first rounders this year and 2 second round picks and their 4th guard or DB to get DeMarcus? Wouldn't Atlanta offer something crazy for Ware considering how much they offered to get Julio Jones? We just need a few teams bidding on him to drive the price up. We could also help out DeMarcus to go to a real contender before he no longer is able to fight through triple teams.

Interceptions are more valuable than sacks anyway, if you look at the top 3 career sack leaders and compare them to the top 3 interception leaders the amount of Superbowl's won is 3-1 in favor of the interceptions.

I already admitted my love for D-Ware and it would be terribly difficult to watch him play for another team but with the premium placed on sacks and the number of teams that think they are close I'm convinced we could fleece someone out of enough to put us in contention in 2-3 years. The one downside to Ware right now for the Cowboys is he is so great/nice but he will not get on his defensive teammates and ride them if they are doing bad. Also since everyone knows he wouldn't try to hurt the other teams players they are not scared and don't have to rush their throws. I hate to say it but DWare is too good and nice and it actually is a bit of a detriment to the team. Because who can do that if he isn't? He is clearly the best defensive player right now. Why couldn't he get up in Newman's face? Or Almost Anthony? Or Scandrick for getting embarrassed over and over and being out of position so much? Sean Lee is the only player almost good enough where he could do that and people would have to listen but he still has a little bit more to prove.

I want to put the fear in the QBs we face that on any snap it could be the last of their career but that does not happen. It all starts with the leaders. I hate to put so much of the problems on Ware because like I said he is my favorite player and I have a mad man crush on the guy; but if you are clearly the leader you need to act like it. To use an old horse training analogy sometimes you give out the sugar and sometimes you give the whip.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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