KD's 10-for-10 - Bonus/Summary/Wild Card Picks

After an exchange of emails with KD, I confirmed my understanding of his "Playoff 10-for-10 Contest". I also understand that he is going to wait a week to start it (after the Wild Card round).

Just for fun, and I know that this is short notice, but I am going to (all by myself) offer a special 4-for-4. Let's see who can pick the Wild Card weekend and get a week of practice in before KD's Playoff Contest next week.

KD is also the keeper of the 10-for-10 Hall of Fame, and will take care of the official induction/enshrinement ceremonies for this season's 10-for-10 winners and for Jebediah Flibberbrush, the 2011 overall champion.

After the jump, the Wild Card 4-for-4, and some other awards from me as I recognize some of your achievements this season...

You know you want to do it, and KD had described his Playoff version exactly as I had summarized on my last FanPost. But, he is not providing Wild Card Week in this year's version. So, here goes:

Week 18 (Wild Card Week):

Cincinnati at HOUSTON

Detroit at NEW ORLEANS


Pittsburgh at DENVER

You know the routine. Make your selections bold (easy way - use asterisks to make *bold* bold). Get them in before the first game kicks off on Saturday afternoon. Next week comes KD's contest for the rest of the playoffs. Be ready to pick all four division winners and the two conference winners. If more than one of us gets all six of those right, the tiebreaker will be - pick the Super Bowl winner.

So, one way of looking at it: my 4-for-4 this week, plus KD's 6-for-6 next week - that's almost like 10-for-10, except different.

I asked KD in one of the emails what he planned to do to recognize and acknowledge some of your special achievements. I will let him do his recognitions.

I reported some of these earlier in the week. Here are some hookerhome honors:

Best average per week (minimum of six weeks):

  • 7.6667 - bcg08 (weeks #9-14)
  • 7.6250 - HLCJ69 (weeks #10-17)
  • 7.4444 - Aaron Burtram (weeks #9-17)
  • 7.4118 - Jebediah Flibberbrush (all seventeen weeks)

Most individual 10-for-10s (sorry, David, KD is doing this one):

Most 10-for-10s in a single week:

  • 19 - week #12 -@tonekupone, Antonio S, bcg08, Ben24626, BishopWest, CDMac24, ChiaCrack, Cowboys_Attack, D_Carter, demarcus94, HLCJ69, Hookem Up, jazzbo251, Jebediah Flibberbrush, JLMax09, mdlusk, Portland's Cowboy fan, Tuna Helper, wittenfan
  • 3 - week #2 - I Am Ironman!!!, mdlusk, Travlr
  • 1 - week #3 - Damnsammit; week #7 - Rummob

Most perfect 10-for-10:

  • Rummob in week #7 - submitted picks for all thirteen games during a bye week; the first twelve were all correct, giving him an official (non-asterisk) 10-for-10; alas, Rummob joined Harvey Haddix in the annals of pushing perfection too far (the thirteenth got them both); his final pick was Baltimore at Jacksonville on Monday night (we remember how that came out)

Most 9-for-10s (without a 10-for-10):

  • 4 - Timmy G (weeks #11, 12, 14, 17; only played twelve weeks)
  • 3 - 1Bullseye, Alpha, Benthere, DarkKnight88, GordBerl, hookerhome, illcowboy, Jason Pai, Jeremiah_24, nikeorlipstick (in only eight weeks; wow!), Nord15, Pnut Gallery, Rat-Pack, StarloverinWNC (all in the last four weeks), TARHEEL PAUL, ziggy 19

Best 10-for-10 weeks:

This is an exotic stat. Some of you commented during the season, "Man, if I hadn't missed getting my picks in that week..." or "I wish I had played all season".

What I have done is taken each person's best ten weeks and compared them head-to-head. The results are interesting. You may have thought, "If only I had a mulligan, I could have beaten ol' Jeb." Look again.

There were sixty-seven players who participated at least ten weeks. I took each of their best ten scores and threw out the others. The twenty-four who played all seventeen weeks got their lowest seven thrown out; the ones who only played ten weeks got what they got. Here are the results; it's interesting:

  • 83 - Jebediah Flibberbrush (yes, he still wins; his seventeen weeks were best overall; AND, his best ten weeks beat anyone else's best ten weeks)
  • 82 - mdlusk
  • 81 - qbfannn, Travlr
  • 80 - ChiaCrack, Hookem Up, illcowboy, StarloverinWNC, ziggy 19
  • 79 - 1Bullseye, demarcus94, GordBerl, hookerhome, Jason Pai, scotscowboyfan, wittenfan
  • 78 - Benthere, BishopWest, cproctor6, Englishneil, Jeremiah_24, Nord15, One.Cool.Customer, Pnut Gallery, TARHEEL PAUL, WA_Cowboy
  • 77 - Alpha, D_Carter, DarkKnight88, jazzbo251, Rat-Pack
  • 76 - BigBadJoe, JLMax09, jstaubach, meisternance, Specific
  • 75 - 88Deztined46, Allen Uy, Antonio S, Cowboys_Attack, Grady90, kitten mittens, Panzer84, tattooed cowboy
  • 74 - @Tonekupone, I am Ironman!!!, LiveNDieBlue, Portland's Cowboy fan
  • 73 - KD Drummond, reron79
  • 72 - jakezze01, neon greon
  • 71 - Ben24626, lxblssng, Timmy G
  • 70 - Enja, liquidblake, starbury_to_s-jaxci2000
  • 69 - dbunny8it, snowmotion80
  • 68 - Hatchetman337, Jessy S, The Penguin
  • 67 - Aaron Burtram (only played nine weeks), thehogster65
  • 66 - Dezstroyer88
  • 65 - Rohpuri

Everyone else played nine weeks or fewer, so their scores didn't get adjusted. I included Aaron Burtram in this list because his nine were better then some of our guys' best ten weeks.

Best two-week scores (back-to-back weeks):

All of these came around that incredible week #12 when we had nineteen players go 10-for-10. No one has ever gone 10-for-10 in consecutive weeks, but these guys came close:

  • 19 - CDMax24, demarcus94, Hookem Up, Jebediah Flibberbrush
  • 18 - too many to name here

Best three-week scores (consecutive weeks):

In honor of the NBA ending its lockout, and trying to cram a lot of games into a small window, they are scheduling each team to play at least one back-to-back-to-back. This is not done during a normal season, and was only done once before - during the lockout-shortened 1999 season. Here are our best three-baggers:

  • 27 - CDMac24 (had 10-9-8 in weeks #12-14), Hookem Up (had 9-10-8 in weeks #11-13), mdlusk (had 10-8-9 in weeks #12-14)
  • 26 - bcg08, ChiaCrack, DarkKnight88, jazzbo251, mdlusk (around his earlier 10-for-10), Rat-Pack, Travlr, Tuna Helper, wittenfan

Top BTB Staff Writers:

We were honored to have participating with us the two finest front-page writers that BTB has to offer: KD Drummond, the creator and owner of the 10-for-10 contest; and, One.Cool.Customer, who helped make it possible for me to make all the charts that I shared with you each week. They are across the country and around the world from me, but I am blessed to call them both friends.

  • 119 - One.Cool.Customer (played all seventeen weeks and finished in a T-8 overall)
  • 96 - KD Drummond (played thirteen full weeks and two partial weeks)

Century Club:

We had fifty individuals who scored at least 100 in the overall. Look at my last FanPostto see the entire list. I will not repeat them all, but I will single out the best scores this way:

  • 17 games - 126 - Jebediah Flibberbrush (overall champion)
  • 16 games - 116 - mdlusk (in the top five until a work accident kept him from getting in his week #17 picks)
  • 15 games - 108 - StarloverinWNC (joined in week #3 and never let up)
  • 14 games - 100 - cproctor6, Jeremiah_24 (only ones to reach 100 and only play fourteen games)

Homer Honor Roll:

I was asked earlier in the year to see who had the best scores just picking the Cowboys games. That's unfair to us loyal Cowboys fans. I have documented several times on BTB why I always pick the Cowboys (because that's what Coach Tom Landry did). So, it wouldn't be fair to "reward" people who picked the Cowboys to lose. If we did announce that, the winner, hands-down, would be qbfannn. He picked the Cowboys to win ten times and went 8-2; he also picked the Cowboys to lose six times and all six were Cowboys losses. So, his record picking Cowboys games is 14-2. Right behind is GordBerl, who missed the last week and ended up 13-2. The actual best percentage in picking Cowboys games is StarloverinWNC, with a sparkling 12-1 (didn't play the first two weeks, and only missed the Cardinals game). We can't reward those guys, can we? They scored by picking the Cowboys to lose.

Here is a list that I am calling the Homer Honor Roll. It contains people who have picked the Cowboys to win every week that they participated. Sometimes, being a fan means making picks with heart, not head.

Loyal fans, here is a salute to you:

  • 16 games - Allan Uy, Alpha, Antonio S, Benthere, BigBad Joe, Hookem Up, hookerhome, meisternance, One.Cool.Customer, Panzer84, scotscowboyfan, tattooed cowboy, Travlr, and wittenfan
  • 15 games - Cowboys_Attack, demarcus94, I am Ironman!!!, jazzbo251, lxblssng, mdlusk, Nord15, and WA_Cowboy
  • 14 games - 88Deztines46, D_Carter, DarkKnight88, Enja, KD Drummond, kitten mittens, liquidblake, Portland's Cowboy fan
  • 13 games - @Tonekupone, cproctor6, dbunny8it, hatchetman337, Jeremiah_24, neon greon
  • 12 games - Timmy G
  • 11 games - slowmotion80, thehogster65
  • 10 games - Dezstroyer88, LiveNDieBlue
  • 9 games - Aaron Burtram, Rohpuri
  • 8 games - FuriousDman, nikeorlipstick, strobman
  • 7 games - InkedKing, Pearson88, Rummob, tsylvest
  • 6 games - IMHO, LilZtretch, Rome One
  • 5 games - Rome One
  • 4 games - Dachs, Damnsammit, Fuzzy5.7, Mic ThaRock, Static
  • 3 games - Matt Buresh, ThatRodneyGuy, thejanusman, Transplanted Texan, Troy
  • 2 games - BlueNSilver Blood, Bradly Adams, chilaquiles, jakBandit, kaleelycowboy, KB_24, NerdVernacular, ROYAJA8, starmesh23, thebigham, TheDynastyReturns2011, Trey Kimbell, Uncas, Unique, WareDezSmokeDezFire, xailin
  • 1 game - 1youngwiz, ab03, agapaw, aggies92, Behind the Lines, BigHat in NewTexas, Broktun, california fan, cowdog, Creasy729, danielcp0303, ezpoolparty, Feeling Blue & Silver, goat3000, Hobbes42, ibleedcowboyblue, jimbodan, jockmeister, JoefromOklahoma, Jonathan Bradley, Junkyard Dog, ks.cowboy, LeedsCowboys, Mikellie, Mikhaili, orli, pwangsta, Rex Pfister, RisingSunCowboy, Stingah, Utexan, VAfan

I know, those at the bottom of this honor roll did not participate much, but they were consistent in picking the Cowboys, even if they only played once or twice.

Finally, I have to make a couple of recognitions of the consensus - the composite score of each of our picks on single games. With a couple of best of/worst of recognitions, I close these hookerhome honors.

Best and Worst Consensus Games:

  • Best - 92-0 - Chargers beat Chiefs in week #3
  • Worst - 0-79 - Ravens lost to Titans in week #2; dishonorable mention - 0-70 - Ravens lost to Jaguars on Monday Night in week #7, keeping Rummob from completing a perfect 13-for-13

Best and Worst Consensus Cowboys Games:

  • Best - 86-0 - Cowboys beat 49ers in week #2; honorable mention, 90-3 - largest number to pick the Cowboys in the week #3 win over the Redskins
  • Worst - 2-71 - Cowboys lost to Cardinals in week #13; dishonorable mention - I was 9-for-9 and looking for my first 10-for-10 in this game (side note; I was also 9-for-9 this past Sunday going into the final game with the Giants)

Final Word from the Volunteer Scorekeeper:

As I have previously mentioned, this has been incredible fun helping KD wherever and however I could with this contest this year. As the year has rolled along, through the comments, replies, and full dialogues, I feel that I have gotten to know a great many of you. You have blessed and encouraged me with all your kind words.

That's one reason I wanted to write just one more FanPost on this 10-for-10 Contest - to recognize and honor you guys - the class of BTB.

If I forgot any recognitions, please add them below in the comments section along with your picks on Wild Card Weekend.

Our resident Bronco fan, j-man, couldn't wait for me to write this FanPost. He commented on my other FanPost, wondering where the playoff picks were and making his own. I will enter them as the first comment.

Blessings to you all, and a hearty salute from the most optimistic Cowboys fan...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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