The Biggest Holes On The Cowboys' Roster

Whether you hated this last season or not at least you have to admit we have fewer holes on our roster than a year ago.

  • Nearly everyone seems to be in agreement our offense needs inside line help
  • Our defense needs a new corner or two
  • The defense needs a star added on our line or backer position.

That's not nearly as bad as a year ago. This year we're in better cap shape as well, opening up more free agent possibilities than a year ago.

[Ed. Note: I've changed the title of the post to allow for a stronger focus on the actual content of the post - OCC]

The Offense

Personally I hope we get a new center. Costa was really bad.

Both guard spots were ok last year but either could be in for an upgrade. Hopefully some of our young guys get strong enough to push for starting spots this year. But adding a new guard via the draft makes sense if the right guy falls to us.

Fortunately we have every skill position covered and not too many teams can say that. So onto.....

The Defense

Terence Newman needs to be cut. Coming into the season I wanted to support this guy but the writing is on the wall. No way can we go into next year with him on our roster. Alan Ball - ditto!

This leaves our already poor secondary needing a lot of help. Hopefully we get one of the better free agent cornerbacks on the market this year. There are quite a few good but not great free agent corners.

A good veteran corner is still going to out perform a first round rookie so for me this is the top free agency need for our team this off season.

Hopefully can we draft our future cornerback somewhere in the first three rounds and we'll only need him to contribute off the bench.

Maybe this is the year the team finds a plug to fill our #1 hole - right up the middle. Most every Cowboy fan can see Ratiff isn't cutting it. If management sees the same this year and finally signs someone with enough beef to plug the middle of our defense it's going to help in so many ways!

Otherwise I'm hoping we get another play maker. We need someone who can go in and wreak havoc alongside Ware. Butler didn't step up and is even bigger disappointment than Spencer. Actually I'm ok with Spencer coming back if the dollars are right but regardless we need to get someone super talented on one of our end spots or at outside linebacker.

Brooking and James are both likely to be gone. Both nice players way past their prime who are at this point costing us yardage. Bruce Carter gets a chance to show he's the real deal to play alongside a healthy Sean Lee. Lee dominated the first few weeks of the season before the wrist break.

Our coaching staff looks like it might get an upgrade as well. Especially good to know for our secondary!

We might not be playing football right now but at least we get a jump on upgrading the coaching staff and planning for free agency/draft decisions. Go Cowboys!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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