My thoughts....

Before the season began I tried to believe. I wanted to believe like I do every off season. Hell I even wrote a post about it. I am not one to be induced by the media or kool-aid fans. I always try to remain objective and take a realistic approach to the upcoming season. I don't ever buy into hype it's not my style. More than any other season I was pulling for our pathetic owner to prevail because of what the nfl did with our salary cap.

However you can't deny the facts. These are facts. No more denying the obvious. This team is infected with losing. This version of the Cowboys are one of the most mentally weak teams I have ever witnessed in all my years of watching the nfl. It saddens me to watch this once proud franchise reach the depths it has at the hands of it's current owner/gm. This team will not and can not win a superbowl with anything close to the current cast of men masquerading as Dallas Cowboys. When adversity hits this team in the mouth they run for cover. They tremble in fear and implode.

This team is a reflection of their coach. Garrett ,Lovie Smith beat you like a drum. He turned you every which way but loose. He made in game adjustments and let you hang yourself. RR you are just as bad as Garrett. Neither one of you know how to exploit another teams weakness. The Packers sacked Cutler 7 times. 7. How many sacks did we get ? 2. How many times did he just evade our rushers ? Still no adjustments. No adjustments just like vs the Sea Hawks. Coach Carboard you're the head coach. It's your job to make sure your team is ready. Ready even if a little adversity comes your way and it did vs the Bears. You and your team folded again. Same song and verse , different game.

Jerry Jones these are YOUR Cowboys. You built them. You drafted the players. You signed the free agents. You make it abundantly clear you are the gm. You have admitted you would have fired yourself if you weren't the owner. Which brings me to my next point. Winning isn't as important to you as it is for you to be the gm. Your ego is more important than winning. You hired Wade because he was soft and wouldn't buck you. There was no way you would turn over control of the team. You can't. It means more to you to be the face of the team than it is the team itself. It starts with you and ends with you. You are failure of epic proportions. The debacle we saw vs the Bears has your finger prints all over it. Still you won't let go. You aren't qualified to be gm of the Dallas Cowboys. You built a magnificent palace for your team to play in. Fan friendly and apparently opposing team friendly too. Yet what you saw vs the Bears bothers you not. The stadium was full albeit with many Bears fans and your team was pummeled yet you made your money. We fans aren't as dumb as you think. It's all about the money.

My thoughts on some of the players.....

Dez Bryant...I am done with you. You are stupid. You won't learn the playbook and you don't get any more mulligans. You are blessed with talent that makes me envious to a fault. And you waste it. You're lazy. You don't concentrate. You don't care. You got popped vs the Hawks and you haven't been the same since. You don't deserve to wear 88. Irvin embodied everything about toughness. You embody everything that is wrong in Dallas. You are the poster child for mentally weak.

Romo , sometimes there aren't enough superlatives to describe you. Your Houdini escapes are beyond a thing of beauty. I don't blame the pick 12 on you this time. With a pea brained wr and getting your arm hit because of a pathetic o line....well those things happen. However the other 3, there is no excuse. You are 32 years old. You have been a starter over 5 years. 5 int's is unacceptable. Period. I can't make excuses for you. I feel bad for you. Your gm wasted your career. You have played for a coach who quit on you. Then Wade. Nuff said. Now you play for coach carboard with the most unimaginative offense I have seen in a while. Your gm was more interested in building his stadium and drafting line backers and wasting valuable draft picks on a commatose wr. Yet game after game you vallaintly went out there and gave it your all. Props to you for your career and again I sincerely apologize for your inept gm. However I see regression this year. It happens. Even to the best of them. You will own every passing stat in Cowboys history.

Ware...1 sack vs Jamarcus Webb. You went phantom in this game.

D line you played the Bears o line...where were you all ? should be voted all pro by seasons were magnificent / stupendous and any other superlative in the dictionary...

O couldn't run block if there were no defenders on the field...huge should be embarrassed.

Witten good to see you catch some passes.

Murray....I just shake my head at the pathetic blocking you recieve. Sorry .

Sadly this team could go 0 for October....IF that happens do we think about trading Jenkins ?...or any other player ?....I would like BTB's feed back on this subject.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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