Draft watch...Oct 13

As we begin to reach the miday point of the college football season , this weekend's games doesn't offer the number of marquee matchups we saw last weekend. Saturday should have offered the best o line d line one on one matchup of the season as the uber talented Jaevadon Clowney of South Carolina would have faced Chris Faulk of LSU.. Sadly Faulk tore his acl in practice 3 weeks ago and has really been missed.

Don't be discouraged however as we have two GREAT one on one matchups this weekend. Mississippi St has one of the best cb's in the nation in Jonathan Banks. He has very good size at 6'1", physical and will play in your face defense. His opponent for this highly anticipated one on one matchup is none other than Tennessee Vols wr Justin Hunter. Hunter is the number 2 rated wr in college right now just behind Kennan Allen. Hunter is super smooth with superior body control and great hands. The Vols also have another wr who is big and has tremendous talent. He is dynamite after the catch. He reminds me of Terrell Owens when he has the ball in his hands. His name is Cordarrel Patterson. Ironically enough the Vols had another 5 star wr in Da'Rick Rogers who left the team. He now plays at Tennesse Tech.

Second key one on one matchup of the day is ot Taylor Lewan of Michigan vs de/olb Michael Buchanan of the fighting Iliini. Buchanan will probably play olb in a 3-4 at the pro level. He has elevated his game this season and as of right now he is a solid second day pick and maybe with a good showing this weekend can move even further up the boards. Lewan is one of the better ot prospects and is a solid first day pick. Depending on who is available from the junior pool of ot's will determine his status. Either Lewan or Buchanan can really improve their stock this weekend when they face each other.

Next up is Notre Dame vs Stanford. The key individual matchups aren't as prevelant as the others previously mentione but there is some highly rated lb's that will be on display. Manti Te'o is a 6'1" 250lbs thumper who is one of the hardest hitters on the collegiate level. He is a throwback kind of player who has improved his pass coverage skills this season. Notre Dames opponent , Stanford also has two good linebackers. Olb Chase Thomas and ilb Shane Skov.

Those who are interested in some small school prospects I would like for you to keep an eye on qb Zac Dysert. 6'3" 215lbs Miami (of Ohio). Very accurate passer whose 2011 season ended with a lacerated spleen. Dysert should surpass 10,000 yards this season and though he won't go high in the draft he is definitely someone worth keeping an eye on as he may be someone who Dallas could draft and develop. The expected boon of college qb's this season hasn't exactly materialized. The juniors and seniors who were expected to have really good season have struggled thusfar in the collegiate season. Right now someone like Dysert could really improve his stock. Next on the small college list is ot Eric Fisher of Central Michigan. Fisher is one of the better ot's in all of college football. I expect him to be selected in the second round.

Now for the games....Texas vs Oklahoma....Jackson Jeffcoat, Alex Oakafor, Carrington Byndom, Kenny Vaccaro (safety) are all defensive players for the Longhorns that warrant watching in the Red River shootout to be played in Dallas. For the Sooners on defense Tony Jefferson is their best player and he too is a safety. At this point I have him as a second rounder. The Sooners aren't as stocked with pro talent this year as they usually are. However they are playing some younger players and next season should look better for them. As usual they do have some young dynamite rb's .

On offense they are lead by qb Landry Jones. Jones has regressed since he replaced number 1 pick Sam Bradford. Still keep an eye on him and see how he contends with the Longhorn db's. This is a very good matchup for draftniks because of the need for safety and possibly another olb for the Cowboys.

Next up is South Carolina at LSU. What should have been will not be. LSU will be missing 3 o line starters this game and sadly I think they get taken to the woodshed in the second half. However LSU does have some defensive players to watch...Bennie Logan (dt), the M&M boys , Mingo and Montgomery. Eric Reid (fs), Tharold Simon (cb). South Carolina has the ALL WORLD UBER TALENTED aforementioned Clowney. Devin Taylor is the other de who is tall and has long arms. As stated last week the SC has one of the best rb's in the nation in Marcus Lattimore. He still isn't 100% recovered from last seasons acl tear but he is beginning to assert himself.

I was going to hi-lite the Bama Mizzou game but this is not a game that would give a true evaluation of the Bama players. Though if you do want to tune in, watch Mizzou true frosh wr Dorial Green- Beckham. He has been compared to Megatron at the same point in thier careers. Have a great weekend draftnicks, next weekend I will focus more on the o line.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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