Dallas Cowboys News For The Baltimore Ravens Game

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If you are looking to overload on as much Dallas Cowboys coverage as you can before the Baltimore Ravens game today, here is just what you need.

It's game day again! After the two week wait of the bye week, the Dallas Cowboys travel to M & T Bank Stadium to play the Baltimore Ravens.

It looks like some football weather as well. The temperature is predicted to be in the upper forties to low fifties, under partly sunny skies.

While you are getting into your game day rituals, here is a quick tour of what the media is saying about the game.

A look at how the Cowboys and Ravens match up - cowboysblog.dallasnews.com

A pretty pessimistic view - only sees an advantage for the Cowboys when the Ravens are passing.

DallasCowboys.com Writers Share Their Game 5 Gut Feeling - DallasCowboys.com

Execution will be key for the Cowboys.

Nick Eatman: We know this will be a tough five-game stretch but there might not be a tougher game on the overall schedule than this one in Baltimore.

Ravens To Face Best Secondary In League - Baltimore Beat Down

A look at what the Ravens need to do to move the ball against Rob Ryan's defense from our sister SBN site.

Ravens facing in-your-face foe in Cowboys' secondary - BND.com

And a companion look at the Dallas pass defense from one of the commercial outlets in the area.

Baltimore Ravens a tough matchup for revamped Dallas Cowboys secondary: Around the AFC North - Cleveland.com

Sensing a theme here.

Cowboys ready for Ravens' no-huddle - ESPN Dallas

Yep. Definite theme. Does anybody care about the Dallas offense?

Rob Ryan doesn't see Dallas O struggling - ESPN Dallas

Well, not who I expected . . .

Rob Ryan has seen struggling offenses, and this Cowboys offense, sir, is not struggling.

Although I don't know if I completely agree there.

Cowboys sticking with Chris Jones at punter - ESPN Dallas

Looks like he is going to be able to go.

Cowboys vs. Ravens: Ravens Prepare For Hot-And-Cold Cowboys - BaltimoreRavens.com

Asks the question we all want to know the answer to:

So which Cowboys team will show up when they travel to M&T Bank on Sunday to take on the Ravens?

A look at the keys to victory for the Cowboys in their game against Baltimore - Cowboysblog.DallasNews.com

Control the ball, win turnover battle . . . Good, common sense,

Matchup to watch: Cowboys CB Brandon Carr vs. Ravens WR Anquan Boldin - Cowboysblog.DallasNews.com

This is one to keep an eye on, for sure.

Lineup Change to Watch: how much of an impact will Cowboys NT Jay Ratliff make in his return? - Cowboysblog.DallasNews.com

Big. I hope.

Cowboys Gameday: Five things to watch for vs. Ravens - MySanAntonio.com

Number one: The huge home field advantage the Ravens have at M & T Bank Stadium. (Note to Jerry: Will all these clunky corporate names around the league, Cowboys Stadium just has a nice ring to it. How about keeping it? You are making money like you own the printing presses anyway.)

Dallas Cowboys aim at ending Baltimore Ravens' home winning streak - Amarillo.com

Got another one of them themes going.

Cowboys have never beaten Ravens; and Baltimore doesn't often lose at home - Cowboysblog.DallasNews.com

I think we get the idea.

Cowboys are strong after bye weeks - ESPN Dallas

See three previous articles. They are going to need to be.

Felix Jones takes on Ray Rice - ESPN Dallas

They were taken in the same draft. Felix went first. He kinda sucks. Rice kinda doesn't.

Brian Billick: I would take Ravens QB Joe Flacco over Tony Romo - DallasNews.com

Well, who cares? Oh, those who like controversial headlines and slamming Romo. I forgot.

Cowboys' Romo must learn not to be Tony Turnover - Star-Telegram.com

Great. Another derisive nickname.

Harbaugh vs. Garrett coaching decision worked out well for Ravens - BaltimoreSun.com

I just want to make the observation that we really don't know what would have happened. Garrett might have won a couple of rings if he had gotten the job then, for all we know. But, yeah, Harbaugh is doing pretty well.

Cowboys at Ravens scouting report - MySanAntonio.com

A look at the game from the best "real" media coverage of the Cowboys you'll find outside of the Metroplex.

Jeff Zriebiec's scouting report: Cowboys at Ravens - BaltimoreSun.com

A look at the game from the other side.

Cowboys' new offensive game plan: Less is more - Houston Chronicle

Funny. I think someone around here made a similar point in an article he wrote almost two weeks ago.

Cowboys vs. Ravens: Kay matchup - Star-Telegram.com

Warning: Contains reference to a Cowboys offensive lineman. Recommended for mature and experienced fans only.

And a couple of things from a broader perspective than just the game:

Linking History and Fortunes of a City and a Team - NYTimes.com

Don't let the Times link fool you - it is actually from Texas Monthly.

Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman takes aim at area fans - SportingNews.com

He believes the fans at Cowboys Stadium aren't much help for the team. We feel you, Troy.


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