Cowboys @ Ravens Media Roundup: Who's Picking The Cowboys Today?

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When we normally do these pre-game pick summaries, we show who's picking for and who's picking against the Cowboys. Today we focus on the Friends Of The Cowboys and only look at who's picking the Cowboys.

Michael Irvin is not picking the Cowboys. But Nate Newton is.

I don't know how you feel about pre-game picks in general. I know that if I see somebody picking against the Cowboys, that person drops a notch in my esteem; pick for the Cowboys and I like you just a little bit more than before.

And because today is gameday, and I am all a quiver with excitement and positive energy, for once we'll look exclusively at pundits who've picked the Cowboys in this afternoon's game.

We'll start it off with Dan Graziano of ESPN's NFC-East blog, who thinks the Cowboys will pull the upset in Baltimore:

Cowboys off the bye-week travel to Baltimore to play the always tough Baltimore Ravens. I think the Ravens defense at this point is still very good, but maybe a little more reputation than reality. I think the Cowboys have been spending the last week and a half hearing how bad they are after how bad they looked after that Monday Night loss to the Bears.

I think this is the week Tony Romo and the offense start to click a little bit. I know that sounds strange heading to Baltimore where offenses have tended not to click in the past, but I think they can run on the Ravens, I think they can throw on the Ravens. They beat the Ravens, pull the upset in Baltimore.

Cowboys 21, Baltimore 16.

Bill Simmons of thinks he's insane for picking the Cowboys:

For some insane reason, I love the Cowboys coming off a bye this week — as long as their offensive line isn't getting trampled by an elite defense (like the Seahawks or Bears, both of whom undressed them), they're fine.

There's even a writer from the Baltimore Sun who has the Cowboys ahead in a close contest:

Edward Lee: Cowboys 17, Ravens 16

The Ravens have been nearly invincible at home, but the Dallas offense should find its rhythm with receivers Dez Bryant and Miles Austin and tight end Jason Witten. Ray Rice will get another 100 rushing yards, but outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer will wreak havoc off the edges.


For the ''Inside The NFL' crew on Showtime, Phil Sims likes the Cowboys today.

For, Ryan Fowler has the Cowboys taking the win.

In Bristol, only Seth Wickersham and Chris Mortensen have the Cowboys winning on's panel.

For and its many different formats, these are the people picking the Cowboys: Michael Lombardi, Donovan McNabb, Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler and Dave Dameshek

At, Ryan Wilson is alone in picking the Cowboys.

Case Keefer of the Las Vegas Sun also takes the Cowboys.


For the Dallas Morning News, only Tim Cowlishaw predicts a win for the Cowboys on the DMN 8-person panel.

On the 12-man ESPN Dallas panel, only Nate Newton and Ian Fitzsimmons see the Cowboys winning today.


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