Guys I make this post every year in some way, shape, or form. But I might actually be done for these reasons, but before I make my points I want to put this out there.

I'm am not a troll because I'm posting this. I am a pissed off fan who needs to vent so I don't break my television. If a fan on a website makes a claim about our team sucking when it's true that doesn't make them a troll. That makes us either 1.) realists or 2.) rational.

Now onto the reasons.

1. Refs

The refs, specifically Carey, have tortured me for years. I'm tired of their BS calls ruining our games. You realize there is holding on every play right? Why don't other teams get called just as much as us? This may seem like a stupid claim, but at this point I'm calling bs. There's no way we have been committing penalties this many times for this long a time. It's not sustainable.

2. Penalties

LEARN SOME DISCIPLINE. The red zone is not the time to commit five penalties in four plays. Yes, I find that impossible myself! We constantly gain yards only to be setback by idiotic penalties that make us have to go twice the length of the field that we need.

3. Clock management

Fire Garrett. When I realistically believe I could have managed that final 20 seconds better than our head coach it's time to fire the coach. Calmly tell Romo to spike the ball. Run the ball one more time with roughly 12 seconds. Call time out now that you're in a more manageable range for your kicker. Kick the field goal. If you miss, well you did all you can, but I believe if we would have picked up an extra yard or two, Bailey drills it.

4. We invent ways to lose

I can't count how many different ways we lost a game in my 10 years a fan. Blow out (Eagles), botch (Seahawks), holding (Redskins), interception (Giants), MISSED FIELD GOAL AFTER GETTING ONSIDE KICK COMBINED WITH HORRIBLE CLOCK MANAGEMENT (Ravens). Check, Check, Check, Check, and Check! Oh and there are many more ways.

5. Am I done? Probably not. As I said I do this every year. Before the game I said, "I won't let them suck me in. They do it every game." But I did, again. It sucks, I'm a 2000's generation Cowboys fan. We expect this to happen to us. We expect these rants in the fanpost section. Pretty sure all of my rants can be mad libbed in.

Have a good day BTB.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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