Different Sports, Different Ways

All of you who know me know that I'm not just a fan of football. I write for a Yankees site on the FanSided Network called YanksGoYard. I love three sports, baseball, football, and basketball. I'd even go as far as saying in that order. Depending on the season or month, I tend to decide which sport I'd rather follow. From April to October, even November at times, I follow baseball more than any other sport. I watch football on the weekends, but I'll watch an important Yankees post-season game over a Cowboys regular season game. Most likely I'd flip the channels between pitches though.

Once baseball ends my focus is purely on football. Otherwise I'll watch the NBA, specifically the New York Knicks. During the weekdays the Knicks will play roughly 2-4 times a week and that's when I get my NBA views in. My favorite sports have overlapped well aside from the Yankees playing playoff games on days the Cowboys play.

Usually I start following football closely at mid-October so next week I'll likely have the Cowboys full attention.

What was that all about? Well, I just wanted to explain that I watch different sports. Each sport has different ways and I find it odd that I tend to use my baseball ways of figuring ways to win and try and implement them into football. It's like fitting a square peg into a circle. It won't work.

Essentially, baseball isn't a team game, offensively speaking. It's nine individuals playing individually. There is no interaction with each other on offense besides on the bases. Even then, that's pushing it. Derek Jeter won't assist Robinson Cano in his home run. Baseball players can be individually singled out for their production, making it easier to tell who's better than who. Which leads to knowing what players will help you win more. It's essentially that.

Basketball players need more of a team orientated game to be successful. Yet if you get three great individuals playing on your team, who eventually jell, you'll win an NBA Championships. Case in point? Look at the Los Angeles Lakers teams, the 2008 Celtics, and recently the Miami Heat. You need teamwork, but only to an extent.

Football is a completely different story. I hate when I hear Tony Romo isn't a good QB. That's unfair. Is it Romo's fault his offensive line can't defend him? Is it Romo's fault that his receiver tipped a pass in the air for an INT? Is it fair that Romo's teammates on the opposite end (the defense) gave up a game winning drive?

Simply, no. The stats don't show everything, yet stats proclaim Romo is a great QB also. I'm confused. In baseball you can't go wrong with statistics. But in football throw them out the window. The eye test is the best way to judge for yourself.

Everyone has different opinions in football. Me being a stat guy, I love Romo and I constantly bring stats to backup my claims. But I'm wrong because he doesn't win. Has the media changed football's perception of good play? Are 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions bad play because the Cowboys didn't reach the playoffs in 2011? I guess so according to the NFL. (I don't want this to be a Romo argument, it's for NFL players in general. He's just the best example.)

Right now I actually believe Dan Marino wouldn't be considered a great QB. In this era of only winning matters, he'd be crucified for not getting a Super Bowl ring.

I got a little off task.

Now football is the most difficult sport to find talent to help your team. A great QB is only a great QB with good offensive linemen and good receivers. A great RB is only as good as the holes his line gives him. A good WR usually has a good QB throwing him the ball. Etc.

Football players feed off each other more than any other sport. The formula to winning is very difficult to figure out. It changes throughout different eras. Those who find the formula of success are only halfway there. They now have to somehow guess on the players who can execute their plan.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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