Speechless.... three possible explanations?

I wanted to post a fanpost and had what I wanted to say ready to type, but then another thought came to mind. But then, there flooded into my brain even ANOTHER way of looking at the world of being a Coboys fan. So, I decided to just list all three and let anyone who comments lead me in the right direction.

1. This is Tony Romo's fault. Ever since Romo has taken the helm of this team THIS is the way we lose games we need to win. Fumbled kick snap in Seattle. Dropped passes against New York in 2007 leads to a big loss. Cowboys lay an egg against the Eagles and lose 44-6 in 2008 and then allow two embarrassing td runs by the Ravens in the last game at Texas Stadium. Terrell Owens crying at the post game presser. Romo throws int. to lose the opener on 9-11 in NY against the Jets they had won handily. I mean, that is only a handful of instances, but the bigger the spotlight, the more humiliating the loss. I dont remember this happening on such a regular basis before Romo came to the team. Hey dont get me wrong, that last pass to Bryant in the end zone was a beauty by Romo - but alas, he dropped it. Oy. Is this just a karma thing?

2. This is Jerry Jones fault. Jerry is NOT g.m. material. He's not even a very good p.r. guy, especially in front of a mic. Since our last Superbowl we have made it to the playoffs twice. But every year, there's Jerry standing in the war room barking out to his minions that he wants to roll the dice and take so and so. The list of players we have passed up in the past 10 years of drafts would probably put the foundation for a Jimmy Johnson type team on the field. Unless, of course, it would be Jerry doing his "extensive" research and locating another of his 500 coaches to "coach" it.

3. This is Jason Garrett's fault. Ever since Garrett has taken the reigns as O.C. and then ultimately head coach I have seen Romo run up to the line of scrimmage and try in vain to change a play at the last second with marbles on the table only to watch an illegal shift or muffed snap or a snap sailing over Romo's head, etc etc. Also, is it me or does the playbook look like 20 percent of it is just plain over the heads of everyone on the field - even Witten. Why does Garrett continue to think he has the personnel to execute his Harverd valedictorian level friggin' play book?? I mean, this is gong on like - 5 years now. Same complicated look, same complicated outcome. The last game is a perfect example, they have the ball with 20 seconds left and one time out (after a mind boggling on sides kick recovery to give them a chance to kick the possible winning field goal). Romo cant seem to get 10 guys lined up and still enough so he can spike it and simply hand it off to the running back to maybe get another 2,3,5, 10, 20 yards for the kicker. What was so intricate about getting that done?? Garrett? What was so complicated about getting that done? Garrett?

So, there is my rant. And here is another thing to ponder - I may be only one solitary person to do this. But for the next 4 games, I will not turn my T.V. on. That's right. For the first time in my 46 years of following these 'boys, I will boycott this team. I just feel Jerry should start to FEEL my outrage and my pain at watching these circus clown performances and maybe get the hint to friggin' step away. Step back slowly, Jerry. Don't spill your rum and diet coke in the process. Step back, get an expert in as g.m. and sit back and enjoy your team with your friends and family in your prime location box seat. At one time, there were those who started to respect what you were doing with regard to the NFL stuff you do and the marketing contracts and the T.V. deals, etc. You are quiet the laughing stock now around the league. Why? Because you can't shut the frig up, keep your wallet open and keep your grubby hands out of the teams cookie jar. Mr. Mara, I hate to say this but you just might be justified in b' slapping Jerry in front of his playground buddies.

I had to laugh out loud yesterday when Romo called that last timeout to set up a 74 yard chip shot field goal off the left hash mark on the enemies home turf after running off what seemed like half a minute running around and bumping into each other in an attempt to get lined up to - who knows what they wanted to do??? Tony? Jerry? Garrett? Do you have any idea what that mayhem down there was all about? All it left me doing was tossing popcorn all over my computer monitor and stepping all over my spilled cheese doodles - i simply couldn't figure the strategy out from where I was sitting. 2,000 miles away from the action.

My gosh.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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