Blogging The Boys: Individual Player And NFL Power Rankings

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What fun is a week of football if we can't rank the teams and players? Let's get it on!

Presenting, the Blogging The Boys NFL Power Rankings for Week 7!

Like most every prediction methodology, my KD Score took a beating in Week 6. After going 11-4 in Week 4 and 10-4 in Week 5, Week 6 saw a 5-9. Regardless, I'm going to stick to the formula for at least another week until I tweak things.

Interesting dynamic at play. Note that four of Dallas' five opponents rank in the Top 8 overall based on my formula (NYPA, EPA, Turnover And Passer Rating Differentials and Wins are all included). However, Dallas is still in the bottom half of the league to indicate even though they've faced tough teams, they haven't been putting together performances that indicate a strong team. Yet.


Some weeks are more fun than others. Yes, I'm a bit more enthusiastic about the Cowboys chances after they showed well against the previously stout Ravens defense. Well, showed well in certain aspects; penalties, mental lapses and decision making under stressful conditions still leave plenty to be desired.

The defense? I'm not too keen on watching cornerbacks that excel in press coverage playing off the line of scrimmage as much as we've witnessed recently. It's strange to think we're missing Barry Church this much, but I think it's becoming more and more evident that the team feels there is a big drop off. Corners playing off, Bruce Carter not getting replaced by a safety; these are trickle down effects.

I try to always make sure I include a bit of humorous snide, playful snarkiness in my writing during the week but it's escaping me today. Still, I didn't want to not put up my individual player power rankings, so here you go.

I've come to the conclusion that the top 3 spots will rotate between these three gentlemen all year long.

Ranking Player Position (LR) Notes
1 Tony Romo QB 3 Star-crossed. I think I've found the perfect description for Romo's career after an epic, clutch 23 play game-tying drive that still ended incorrectly.
2 Sean Lee ILB 2 Monster. One blown coverage doesn't change that he is clearly the heart and soul of this defense.
3 DeMarcus Ware OLB 1 His sack came in a crucial, late-game, 3rd down situation. Also had some pressure but lining up offsides on 2nd and goal? Really hurt the D there.
4 Jason Witten TE 7 Camp Crystal Lake. You can't kill this Jason, either. 19 catches, 200 yards and a TD in his last two games. But Bennett's better [/sarcasm].
5 Anthony Spencer OLB 5 There's an APB out for the Cowboys pass rush, and Spencer's face is all on it.
6 Dez Bryant WR 10 Welcome to the Dez Bryant era, folks. For better or worse, he's the Cowboys #1 receiver. Get your choose-a-side on.
7 DeMarco Murray RB 6 Just when he breaks out… frustration breaks into our house and slaps us in the face.
8 Miles Austin WR 4 Is Miles gimpy? His lack of targets just doesn't make much sense. Still leads Dallas in TDs (3) and YPC (16.6)
9 Tyron Smith LT 9 He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes…
10 Brandon Carr CB 8 It is my philosophy that he's being taken out of his comfort zone (press) due to safety deficiencies.
11 Phil Costa C 32 Point, Costa defenders. All six of us.
12 Bruce Carter ILB 11 He can do this job, no question about it. Don't ask him to do a safety's job though.
13 Felix Jones RB 38 Here's your shot Felix; prove them wrong. Of course you did this last season with a busted shoulder and ppl still didn't care...
14 Jason Hatcher DE 14 Rebounded well, with Rat's return, less stress on the DE. Look for this to continue as Rat gets back in playing shape.
15 Nate Livings LG 12 We're all crossing our fingers that the left side of the Cowboys line is about to be "there". No, not over there, "there".
16 Jay Ratliff NT 13 He's back, and looked a bit rusty but he'll get every opportunity to work things out.
17 Sean Lissemore DE 20 Big blow, losing Lissemore for the middle chunk of the season. See you during the holidays brother.
18 Morris Claiborne CB 17 I don't care what PFF says, Claiborne should not be knocked for being pushed in the freakin' back by a wideout for a TD.
19 John Phillips TE 15 Bad game in the blocking department… if the Cowboys can't find a competent 3WR effort, will Hanna get a shot?
20 Josh Brent NT 22 With Lissy out, decrease snap count on it's way right back up. Who here wants Ratliff-Brent-Hatcher to start?
21 Victor Butler OLB 25
22 Ryan Cook C 16
23 Dan Bailey PK 18
24 Gerald Sensabaugh SS 21
25 Alex Albright LB 44 Great run down performance in limited snaps. Is there a potential pass rusher in the package? Only 1 pass rush down for the game.
26 Mike Jenkins CB 19 Well I guess he couldn't shoulder the responsibility, could he? At least the MRI said not too much damage.
27 Kyle Orton QB 24
28 Orlando Scandrick CB 26
29 Kenyon Coleman DE 27
30 Marcus Spears DE 28
31 Chris Jones P 29
32 LP Ladoucer LS 36
33 Lawrence Vickers FB 31
34 Doug Free RT 33
35 Tyrone Crawford DE 30
36 James Hanna TE 35
37 Phillip Tanner RB 46
38 Danny McCray S 34
39 Dan Connor ILB 49
40 Andre Holmes WR 47 Recovered that onside kick to allow Dallas to screw things up at the end. He was pulled from kickoff team after the runback though
41 Lance Dunbar RB N/A
42 Mackenzy Bernadeau RG 37 When the coach says it was your best game of the year because you only gave up 1 sack and no other QB pressures, and you were still horrid in run blocking while everyone else was good…
43 Kevin Ogletree WR 23
44 Cole Beasley WR 39
45 Orie Lemon LB 40
46 Dwayne Harris WR 41
47 Brian Moorman P 42
48 Kyle Wilber OLB 43
49 Matt Johnson SS 45
50 Jermey Parnell OT 48
51 David Arkin OG 50
52 Derrick Dockery OG 51
53 Eric Frampton FS 52
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