A Front row seat to the Death of Hope: thoughts and observations from Section 127

This was my first regular season game at the stadium, and safe to say it was...memorable. Here are a few things:

Just like the Giants did in the opener, the home team supremely botched the anthem. Some boys choir who you couldn't hear for anything. Not as bad as Queen Latifah, but just part of the numerous bad omens for the Cowboys, such as the roof and doors being open.

Soooo many Bears fans. As a Boys fan if you were loud you could (literally) be called down by people in front of you who would threaten to get the attendant,all the while the opposition was being loud and raucous...The 20 dollar party passes are pretty much all Cowboys fans and they are loud but a fourth of the stadium felt like Bears fans and there were so many families there that the chances of a good crowd were very slim...pretty disgusted. Oh and half the Cowboys fans don't know not to stand up and cheer when the offense is trying to get off a play.

As a fellow East Texan, I have always rooted for Dez Bryant. We were probably born less than 30 minutes away from each other. I've always defended him on the offseason stuff, but as of now the product on the field is completely awful. He is literally a liability on every passing down and he's not playing like a guy looking for an extension. I'm officially off the bandwagon. I'm not at the Dire Wolf level, but he certainly doesn't like a future Cowboy.

The offensive line didn't seem too awful sans Matador (The name Cat Scratch Reader had for Mac B when he was a Panther) and Tron seemed to hold his own against Peppers. If he can keep improving like this it will help ease the pain of being Watt-less. First game in a long time where the O Line had such few errors.

Carr was getting MUGGED...and I mean a ton. Seriously, Carr needs to file a police report. I know critics (read:Cowboys Haters/Texans fans) will say he's not living up to his play but a few of those plays were on zone coverage with Carr not on him...the refs seemed to be very inconsistent with their calls on the back end. On the bright side, first good challenge of JG's career.

It took about the fourth angle for Ashton Jeffrey's fumble to be shown with his elbow down. Before that the building felt semi alive and even the bears fans were looking down. It would have made the game 17-24. Many have criticized the price paid for Mo, but he almost changed the game for Dallas right there.

Speaking of coverage, Ware is still doing too much of it. I counted at least 3 times on either a 2nd or third in long that Ware dropped back...this is the NFL's leading sackmaster since he arrived. Rob has to take some of the blame for this.

Victor Butler's "Almost anthony" moment felt like a slap in the face to the Spencer critics

Oh and for any who think "we should boycott the merchandise!" it would just never work. People at those games pack that main gift shop. My bro and I even got Sean Lee jerseys at halftime. I saw people in Texans, Bears, Steelers, and even Seahawks jerseys buying stuff. No matter what the record, the money will always roll in.

In Summary, stick to a stadium tour for visits to Jerryworld. At the game you see the worst kinds of fans, fairweather Dallas and obnoxious of the visitors.

One more this just going to be what defines Romos' career? Even with his numbers in Bulk, we can all point to games where his september multiple pick games put Dallas in a bad spot: Buffalo in 07, The Giants in 09, the Bears in 10, the Lions in 11, and the Bears last night. This may be a sign that his best football is ahead of him seasonwise, but is this really a guy who needs to be extended at the age of 32 with such inconsistency? I used to think so, but only time will tell if Romo wears a star next season.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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