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Hello cowboys nation,its been a while since i posted,the draft i think was my last post.But ive had a few thoughts stewing around in the old tin pot so figured i would put them down on paper.I no as a brit im less in loop than the experts on here,and i look at things differently so be kind with the hate.Heres what ive been thinking-

1-Running back.

When fit Demarco Murray transforms our offence in my opinion.Defences are worried about him,he runs with power and aggression.When he is out of the game Felix Jones comes in,and here is my problem.I just dont rate the kid,he is everything that Murray isnt.However when Tanner comes in to give felix a rest i think he looks much better,he runs hard like Murray does.So i'd much rather see Tanner become the no2 running back on the team,have a good hard 1-2 punch of Murray and Tanner,and then bring in Lance Dunbar for a change of pace in the 3rd and 4th quarter when the defence has been worn down by Murray and Tanner running all over them.

As for Felix,id entertain offers for him,draft picks or players either or,i just dont think he is right for this offence


Ok we made a couple of moves in the offseason and got livings and bernie.Panthers fans had very derrogative comments about bernie,as did the bengals fans about livings.

If im honest here ive been quiet impressed with big Nate.He hasnt done much wrong in my eyes and the way i see it he has probably been our best oline man.

Bernie on the other hand has lived upto the comments panthers fans made about him.But i do think he will improve.And part of that improvement will come if we make a move at RT.

To me this has been our biggest weakness,Doug Free.The guy is a liability when he should be the leader of the oline,he is the longest serving oline man we have,and has a couple of years experience playing in the nfl-this is why i would of expected him to be the leader.He got a mega contract a couple of years ago and to me-he isnt earning it.Id like to see a move for Anthony Collins from the bengals here.He is currently there back up lt-but thats nothing bad about him,after all Andrew whitworth is there started and he is one of the best in the game.So id make an offer for Collins,move him to rt and improve the line.

We would have 2 options then-if costa is out for the season (by the way the line looks so much better when he plays) you have the option then of sliding free into rg and bernie into centre.Or find a trading partner for free?


Losing Barry Church is a huge loss.He really looked like a player to me,and the guy cant half bang.So we promoted Mcray to starter and signed frampton as a back up.Personally id of preferred us to go after melvin bullit who could of come in and started at ss.

Couldnt mike jenkins fill in at safety?

Whatid like to see us do-make a move for aaron williams from the bills.yes he plays cb for the bills,but he was a safety in high school/college.Maybe we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone?trade Free and a low pick for him.Slot him in at fs and move sensi to ss.Williams and church could for our longterm safety duo

Also whats the news on Matt johnson?

4-the dline

Can i just say-what a job josh brent did filling in for the rat.So id love for the defence to find a way of getting ratliff and brent on the field together-maybe brent at nt and rat at lde in place of coleman?

Or maybe-and my preffered move-change the scheme-go 4-3,ware and hatcher on the ends and brent and rat in the middle.then spencer and carter at olb and lee in the middle,i really dont see anyones jobs or tasks changing to much here,just might be a better way of lining them up?


How many people got excited after week 1?How many thought wow the grden shrub has grown into a fully fledged oak tree?And since then?Well the leaves have wilted and tree needs chopping down and turning into doors.

Can we not get a look at andre holmes and cole beasley please?the tree just doesnt cut it.

Which brings me to dez-will he ever break out?Will he ever be all that we know he can be?I dont no,but i do know hell id like to see denarious moore with a star on his helmet.

6 finally and most controversially

Where do we go from here?Do we realistically have a shot at the post season?If not what would be the best?look to the future?Try and assemble a mediocre season?

here is my biggest thought and the one that will garner most controversy.And before i go on let me just state-im not a hater,im not a negative person,i always strive to be the best i can be,and want my teams to be the best they can be.I regularly stay up till 5am watching my cowboys games and then go to work without a minutes sleep.I pay well over the odds for cowboys shirts,and merchandice just because i live the uk,and i want them to win every game.but here is how i see it as it stands-

Something isnt right,something just isnt clicking,we have some outstanding talent on the roster,but for some reason as a team we just arent there and im predicting the best we can hope for this year is an 8-8 finish again.I wanna see a change!Right we arent ging to the offseason this year,so lets make some moves,lets entertain offers for ratliff,ware etc and lets rebuild this roster.We will lose these guys in the next 3-4 years anyway and get nothing.

Would say the texans entertain a trade of ware for mercilus?Surely ware would be an upgrade for a team that has off season written all over it,and did last year even when schaub went down.Wre could be that extra push they need,whilst for us mercilus could be just the kind of player we can use to help us builder a younger roster.The guy is good already,and will get better,mercilus,carter and lee as a lb core looks nice to me for the next 5-6 years.

Another 1-Orakpo is out for the year,would the skins entertain a trade for him-for someone that could make a difference for them this season?Again it may help them make the offseason-not something id wanna see but if it means we acquire orakpo im all for that

Alternatively do we accumulate draft picks for the likes of ware,rat etc,as above teams that have a legitimate shot at the off season would see these kinds of players as those that could really help there teams make that push and carry them over the line,and we could accumulate a serious amount of draft picks in order to revamp the roster come draft day.Apparently ive been reading the draft this year is stacked with talent in the pash rushing department,dt/nt and safety as well as oline-all areas we should target.This idea would also see us play out the season with the youngsters we have on the roster and give us a good look at where they are at,some would surely step upto the plate-as josh brent already has

Either of these scenarios id like to approach bill bellichek for Ryan mallet and or the eagles/broncos for nick foles or brock osweiler

The final alternativeis to muddle on as we are,hope we can make a late season run ala the giants,scrape into the offseason and take it game by game.but then again december isnt romos favourite time of year

Anyway thats whats been floating around my head.Not the brightest spot on the planet but heck its food for thought

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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