KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #7 Update

Welcome to Topsy-Turvy world. A week after bemoaning our worst week ever (only four right in fourteen games), the tables were turned. We had our best picking week ever - twelve right and only one wrong. The one wrong knocked almost half of the field out of 10-for-10 contention (67 missed that game out of 137 who played 10-for-10).

Last year, we had two different weeks where we got fourteen right out of sixteen. The first of those weeks produced our first multiple 10-for-10s, as three went 10-for-10 in the same week. The other 14-2 week came during our record-setting week #12, when nineteen went 10-for-10 in the same week.

This week shattered that record - a record that I thought was as safe as Johnny Unitas' record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass or Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played. Here are records that were set this weekend:

  • Best record in a week: 13-1 (.928); old record 14-2 (.875)
  • Most 10-for-10s in a week: 26; old record, 19
  • Most 9-for-10s in a week: 57; old record, 34

Last year, the Hall of Fame had six members who had each completed one 10-for-10 when week #12 happened, and nineteen joined the six. One of those, mdlusk, has the distinction of being the first to complete two perfect 10-for-10s. Like a great surfer, he rode the waves of those two 14-2 weeks to perfection in each of those weeks. This week, he has company in the Hall. Seven who rode the wave last year and were part of the nineteen were also perfect this week. So, there are now eight who have completed two 10-for-10s. Who will be the first to three?

He will probably be too modest to mention this, but in his third year of creating and running this contest, our own KD Drummond scored his first 10-for-10 and gets enshrined in his own Hall. Congratulations, KD! Well done, my friend.

I've been harping all season about That Guy - either the person who makes a Thursday Game Only pick and fails to return with the other nine; or, the person who submits ten games, but fails to include the Cowboys game (a mandatory pick). We had neither one show up this week - for the first time all season - but we had a different issue this week.

It's been a problem all season with weeknight games beginning each weekend. People are having to get picks in earlier than they wish so they can include Thursday; or, they forget about Thursday until it's too late; or, they forget that a game was played on Thursday and include a completed game in their weekend picks.

We had two this week - one on Friday morning and one on Sunday morning - include San Francisco as the winner of one of their ten games. I replied to each, and graciously offered to let them substitute another game as I could not include a completed game as one of their picks. One took my offer and chose a different game. In true poetic justice, his sub game lost. The other - a perfect 9-for-9 - is not in the Hall of Fame, and receives no recognition or congratulations.

I messed up this week, not in scorekeeping, but in judgment. I owe an apology to all on KD's 10-for-10 contest, and especially to Rex Pfister and California805Cowboy. On Thursday night, I was involved in an out-of-town concert and had a hectic Friday. It was Friday night before I finished tallying all of the entries on my FanPost and then turned attention to KD's page.

I noticed that Rex's time-stamp was at 7:40 PM CDT (ten minutes after kickoff), but he included Seattle-SF as one of his games. I pointed out that he was late in submitting that game. My error in judgment was telling him that I would accept it, since the game had just started and trends were not established.

Even though it was Friday night (more than twenty-four hours after his post), I should have offered Rex a chance to sub another game and tell him then that this one was rejected.

What's ten minutes? After I finished tallying all the entries on my FanPost, I turned my attention to KD's page. There, I found the same thing, by California805Cowboy, but this one was time-stamped 8:15 CDT (forty-five minutes after kickoff). If I had seen this one first, there is no question that I would have told him, "Sorry, you can't include this game. It's already begun, and is in the second quarter. Pick another game."

But, I didn't. I felt bad drawing a line and accepting Rex's slightly late pick and rejecting 805's later pick. So, I accepted his pick as well. The only ones I rejected were the ones that came in after the game was completed.

I had talked about it with KD, and his preference was to not count the games, but he would support whatever I decided. I prepared to let them stand when BishopWest asked a probing question that cut to the chase? "So, is it OK now to include games forty-five minutes after kickoff?" My weak reply, "Not really." I told him I would talk to KD.

This time, it was easier to do what was right. He agreed to come on and overrule my calls on those picks. And, that was the right call. Again, I'm sorry that I didn't make that call on Friday night.

I will accept picks again this week on my FanPost, but I will try to make clear which games are in play and when they are not. If a game has kicked off when your picks are time stamped, then that game will not be counted. Period!

With little commentary, here are my weekly tables and reports.

Our season-long trends continue. Each week has had at least one new player, and each week has had fewer participants than the previous weeks.

Week Played This Week Missed This Week Total
1 222 0 222
2 199 44 243
3 177 69 246
4 168 83 251
5 149 104 253
6 147 108 255
7 137 119 256

Half of the 9-for-10s this week missed out on perfection because of Tennessee's last-second touchdown at Buffalo. That was the only game our consensus got wrong this week. Most were not close. The nearest game to even on our preferences was Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, and a slight majority picked Pittsburgh.

On paper, most of these games looked like tossups. Or, we wondered which team would show up in a game (some teams look unbeatable one week and then get dominated themselves another week). Most of us guessed right in most of these games. Enjoy this look at how we did:

Week #7 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
135 Dallas CAROLINA 2
129 Green Bay St. Louis 1
129 NEW ENGLAND New York Jets 1
110 HOUSTON Baltimore 2
109 CHICAGO Detroit 7
104 OAKLAND Jacksonville 1
93 MINNESOTA Arizona 11
91 NEW YORK GIANTS Washington 15
82 New Orleans TAMPA BAY 17
69 INDIANAPOLIS Cleveland 19
61 SAN FRANCICSO Seattle 4
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
21 Tennessee BUFFALO 67
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
47 Pittsburgh CINCINNATI 42

One more look - enjoy this one, too, and see if we moved back ahead of the Front Page Writers. [Edit - I looked. They also went 12-1 (same exact picks as we did), and are still one ahead of us, at 64-40.]

2012 Consensus Scoreboard
Week Wins Losses Ties
1 11 5 0
2 8 8 0
3 8 8 0
4 10 5 0
5 10 4 0
6 4 10 0
7 12 1 0
Total 63 41 0

I guess this new table helped us know how to better games based on each team's actual performance and not our perception of their strength. Lots of WWs and LLs this week. It's going to be hard to improve on this one:

Picks/Results for Each Team/Each Week
Team Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Wk 13 Wk 14 Wk 15 Wk 16 Wk 17 W L
San Diego WW WW LL WW LL LL Bye 6 0
Cleveland LL LL LL LL LL LW LL 6 1
Houston WW WW WW WW WW WL WW 6 1
Atlanta WW LW WW WW WW WW Bye 5 1
Chicago WW LL WW LW WW Bye WW 5 1
Denver WW WL LL WW LL WW Bye 5 1
Jacksonville LL LL LW LL LL Bye LL 5 1
Kansas City LL LL LW LL LL LL Bye 5 1
Baltimore WW WL WW WW WW LW LL 5 2
New England WW WL LL WW WW WL WW 5 2
New York Jets LW LL WW LL LL LW LL 5 2
Miami LL LW LL LL LW WW Bye 4 2
Oakland LL WL LW LL Bye LL WW 4 2
Pittsburgh LL WW WL Bye WW WL WW 4 2
Tampa Bay LW LL LL WL Bye WW LL 4 2
Buffalo WL WW WW LL LL LW WL 4 3
Cincinnati LL WW LW WW WL WL LL 4 3
New York Giants LL WW LW WL WW LW WW 4 3
San Francisco LW WW WL WW WW WL WW 4 3
St Louis LL LW LL LW LW LL LL 4 3
Tennessee LL LL LW LL LL LW LW 4 3
Dallas WW WL WW WL Bye WL WW 3 3
Detroit WW LL WL WL Bye LW LL 3 3
New Orleans WL WL WL LL WW Bye WW 3 3
Philadelphia WW LW LL LW LL WL Bye 3 3
Arizona LW LW WW WW WL WL LL 3 4
Green Bay WL WW WL WW WL LW WW 3 4
Minnesota WW WL LW LW WW WL WW 3 4
Carolina WL LW WL LL WL Bye LL 2 4
Indianapolis LL LW WL Bye LW WL WW 2 4
Washington LW WL WL LW LL LW LL 2 5
Seattle WL LW LW WL LW LW LL 1 6

Last week, I included all the 5-for-10s and 4-for-10s in my Best of Week #6 table. Otherwise, there would have only been nine people listed. This week, only one person finished 5-for-10, and that was the cellar-dwellar. Everyone else was better.

With record-setting 10-for-10s and 9-for-10s, I am listing everyone with those scores. In the overall, I'm going down as far as I can to keep the table symmetrical. If your name isn't listed in the overall list, then you're probably farther down. KD lists the complete overall leaderboard each week, and he will include you.

Since two of the overall leaders scored 10-for-10, everyone who didn't score 10-for-10 lost ground. It's not bad, though. I was T-7th last week, tied with a bunch of people, and two off the lead. This week, I "dropped" to T-8th, tied with fewer people, and now three off the lead.

Congratulations to all this week.

[Edit - I inadvertantly counted this week's SoCal Cowboys picks as if they belonged to SoCalCowboysFan12. The following table has been edited to fix my mistake. Apologies.]

Top Scores This Week
Week #6 Score Week #6 Score Overall Score Overall Score
@Tonekupone 10 HALIFAXPACOWBOY 9 D_Carter 50 k@s! 45
Aaron Burtram 10 Hawkeye101 9 illcowboy 50 Nord15 45
Aggie Man 10 HLCJ69 9 j-man 49 scotscowboyfan 45
Ben24626 10 hookerhome 9 ziggy 19 48 TARHEEL PAUL 45
BishopWest 10 Howleyesque 9 BishopWest 48 TheDemolitionDan 45
boys.camncrew 10 I am Ironman!!! 9 CowboyBaby 48 Timmy G 45
cee-los 10 ibleedcowboyblue 9 Pnut Gallery 47 Troy 45
cproctor6 10 IRONRAVEN 9 @Tonekupone 47 Wardo83 45
D_Carter 10 jayrosser27 9 cowboy1966 47 wittenfan 45
Frankster_1 10 JDobermans 9 Frankster_1 47 Benthere 44
Hookem Up 10 Jebediah Flibberbrush 9 hookerhome 47 boys.camncrew 44
illcowboy 10 j-man 9 IRONRAVEN 47 Fergie3108 44
jakezze01 10 jockmeister 9 krikaley 47 Howleyesque 44
jstaubach 10 Junkyard Dog 9 revellyre 47 JDobermans 44
k@s! 10 kethry1313 9 Rohpuri 47 jstaubach 44
KD Drummond 10 Lajitas Lava 9 slowmotion80 47 MSM33 44
krikaley 10 letsgtld 9 Tennessee Jed 47 nikeorlipstick 44
milehightexan 10 lucke 9 WA_Cowboy 46 oldboysfan 44
Nord15 10 Max2 9 Against the Wall-24 46 Pasipple 44
Portland's Cowboy fan 10 mehrans9 9 Aggie Man 46 Rex Pfister 44
slowmotion80 10 mushpuppy 9 Ben24626 46 Shakeepuddn 44
TARHEEL PAUL 10 neon greon 9 boyman 46 Specific 44
Timmy G 10 oldboysfan 9 ChrisMan 46 TheBlueBaron 44
True Blue-liever 10 Panzer84 9 cproctor6 46 Through Thick And Thin 44
Unique 10 Pasipple 9 Hawkeye101 46 Tunabomber11 44
WA_Cowboy 10 Pnut Gallery 9 Jebediah Flibberbrush 46 Uncas 44
88Deztined46 9 revellyre 9 KD Drummond 46 Wittenstar82 44
Against the Wall-24 9 Rohpuri 9 letsgtld 46 Aaron Burtram 43
Antonio S 9 Shakeepuddn 9 mdlusk 46 Allan Uy 43
Benthere 9 skinny post 9 milehightexan 46 Bellotti's Mustache 43
BigBad Joe 9 Tennessee Jed 9 mushpuppy 46 CapitalT 43
BoydNation 9 TheDemolitionDan 9 Panzer84 46 cee-los 43
ChrisMan 9 thehogster65 9 ROMO4MVP 46 EchoEcho 43
Cowboy Joe 9 tsylvest 9 shainyc 46 Hookem Up 43
cowboy1966 9 Tuna Helper 9 Travlr 46 I am Ironman!!! 43
CowboyBaby 9 Uncas 9 True Blue-liever 46 jayrosser27 43
CowboyinExile 9 Wardo83 9 alfanti 45 Mikellie 43
CowboysFan1994 9 wittenfan 9 Alpha 45 neon greon 43
cowdog 9 ziggy 19 9 Antonio S 45 SoCal Cowboys 43
EchoEcho 9 34 tied with 8 BigBad Joe 45 Switters023 43
Fergie3108 9 14 tied with 7 CowboyinExile 45 tsylvest 43
FuriousDman 9 5 tied with 6 cowdog 45 9 tied for 85th 42
Gabby 9 1 alone with 5 HALIFAXPACOWBOY 45 3 tied for 94th 41
ginge159 9 HLCJ69 45 6 tied for 97th 40

Almost half of last week's entrants made their picks on my FanPost, so I will continue to take 10-for-10 picks on here as well as Thursday Game Only picks. I will enforce these time-stamps on accepting entries, since I am not always at my computer AND at a television watching games kick off:

  • Thursday night - these games are listed as 7:20 PM (CDT) kickoff; however, I haven't seen one yet start before 7:30. I will accept anything that shows up time-stamped by 7:30 PM on Thursday night.
  • Sunday early - these games invariably kick off between two and three minutes past the hour. I will continue ask you to time-stamp them by 12:00 noon (CDT), with no grace past 12:03.
  • Later games - this only comes into play when the Cowboys play late, since you must include the Cowboys. If you miss the Sunday early games, you can still play the late games this week. However, this week, there are only four later games. Each network only has one game - CBS at 3:05 PM, FOX (Cowboys) at 3:25 PM, NBC at 7:20 PM, and ESPN on Monday at 7:30 PM.

Looking ahead, next weekend ends Daylight Saving Time in most of the United States. So, if you move your clocks on November 4, games will start at the "same" clock hour. If you do not adjust for US DST (or some similar "summer time") next weekend, then please note that all games will actually begin one hour later for you (beginning on November 4).

If you make picks on my FanPost, please format correctly. Everyone (including mobile users) should be able to pick a winner by marking their selection with asterisks before and after the pick (no spaces). For example, to pick the Cowboys, mark the line like this:

New York Giants at *DALLAS*

If you want to follow the lead of all the week #1 losers, and pick the Giants, then mark your line like this:

*New York Giants* at DALLAS

Through Thick and Thin, I'm calling you out. The past two weeks your excuse was that you were overseas and couldn't format correctly. Unless you are someplace where you cannot type an asterisk, you should be able to do this.


Tampa Bay at MINNESOTA


Carolina at CHICAGO

San Diego at CLEVELAND

Seattle at DETROIT

Jacksonville at GREEN BAY



Washington at PITTSBURGH

New England at ST. LOUIS

Indianapolis at TENNESSEE

Oakland at KANSAS CITY

New York Giants at DALLAS (mandatory; must include)

New Orleans at DENVER

San Francisco at ARIZONA

There are four teams with byes this week, so there are fourteen games. Please pick ten (or Thursday Game Only) and delete the games that you are not including. Please also delete the headings. Only include your picks.

Good luck!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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