Pick 6: Week 7 BTB Leaderboard And Week 8 Picks


If you're not a part of Blogging The Boys' Pick 6 challenge, what are you waiting for? Compete against BTB's writers and readers each week for fantasy football glory.

Pick_6_week_7_mediumYou should play Pick 6 with us... really. There is no easier fantasy football game around, and the best part is that if you suck one week, it doesn't matter - because the lineups reset every week and you get to start from scratch again.

The game itself is really simple, and you can enter and leave at any time. Follow the link to the Pick 6 Football game, and once there, you'll have a fixed fantasy budget with which you can pick six different players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, Wildcard). You can pick anyone you want and you go up against everyone else's six each week -as long as you stay within your budget.

Last week's winner is BTB-member True Blue-liever, who absolutely dominated all other participants with a team devoid of any Cowboys but instead featuring Josh Freeman, Arian Foster and Randall Cobb. The 105.6 points scored ranked True Blue-liever third among all SB Nation participants, so that's pretty impressive.

Overall, 76 BTB-members took part in the game last week. If you want to be featured on next week's leaderboard, enter your picks before Week 8 kicks off on Thursday night. Click on the banner below and you'll be taken directly to the Pick 6 welcome page, where you can select the players to fit your fantasy budget.

Last week I finished a woeful 55th, as I succumbed to the stupid homer idea of having five Cowboys on my six-man team. That put me below Dave Halprin (35th) and even KD Drummond, who ranked unusually high at 22nd.

Having learned from my mistakes, here are my picks for Week 8:

  • QB Peyton Manning (DEN - $43.50) - He's going up against the Saints, who have the worst pass defense in the league (8.1 NY/A) and haven't been able to stop anybody in the air.
  • RB LeSean McCoy (PHI - $47.50) - Hotlanta is not so hot against the run, averaging 5.2 Y/A, the second worst value in the league. Coming off a bye, the Eagles run all over the Falcons.
  • WR Eric Decker (DEN - $20.75) - Why? See Peyton Manning.
  • TE Brandon Myers (OAK - $0.50) - Myers is the leading receiver for the Raiders, who play the Chiefs and their 30th-ranked pass defense (7.7 NY/A). Also, I don't have much money left, so I need to be frugal with what I have.
  • K Dan Bailey (DAL - $4.25) - A Cowboys/Giants game often ends up close and high scoring. Bailey to the rescue.
  • WC Alex Henery (PHI - $1.25) - Their quarterback gets sacked a lot at the most inopportune moments. I can easily see a lot of field goal attempts for the Eagles.

What, you think you can do better? Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you could .... but prove it! Click here to get your team going.

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