[in-juh-ree] Show IPA noun, plural in·ju·ries.

1. harm or damage that is done or sustained: to escape

. 2. a particular form or instance of harm: an injury to one'sshoulder; an injury to one's pride.

In any walk of life, we are entertained by the certainty of uncertainty. Mother Nature has her way of turning a bright sky's glow into a twisted dark hole. And recently, she has turned the skies into a gloomy wretched WTF! Sean Lee has recently been put on the IR list, it wasn't enough to lose our secondary captain, but now our front line captain as well. However, injuries are apart of things, conditioning, new trainers, in the end, what can you really do when a 300lb lineman Dallas falls on your ankle and causes the bone to separate from the ankle? Say why me God as your being carted off to a standing ovation by the crowd, applauding that your season is over.... In all reality.

The Dallas Cowboys have been tormented with injuries this year, nearly all of their draft picks have missed time and never been able to get the prep needed in training camp. Defene takes the cake, but the offense is no slouch, our O Line has never been able to develop much continuity, and the one man everyone had a Wanted Dead or Alive sign for Mr Phil Costa.... We are wishing he could stay healthy..... Hmmm, imagine that!

On a positive note, there is one important person who's injury can jeopardize the season, but even now we have some reassurance, and that's what I want to get into too. We must commend the Dallas Cowboys for the one thing they have improved on, Depth. For our recent departure of Sean Lee, everyone is calling for Dan Connor to step it up, is it not right in front of us? I look at it more for Bruce Carer to step up his game and for a complimentary rolladex or men to assist him. How often are they in the base 34 anyway. Bruce has all the athletic ability of Lee, maybe not the instincts, but his awareness and recognition has been good thus far, I think he will do fine and the drop off won't be as big as feared.
On a token of good luck, I recall the most recent Super Bowl winners have been hammered with injuries as well. The Giants had a very depleted secondary, and not until the end of the season did they get their full arsenal of pass rushers in tact. Who can forget the Packers and the big dilemma of flying in 20 players on IR for the picture that had to be taken. Poor Nick Barnett, no one even knows he won a ring.... Or did he? The point being, is that stars will be stars, however how many of them truly exist per team. Not many, as depth and role players prove much more worth to the franchise and team. We sure bash couch JG, if there is 1 thing they deserve some credit for, it's the recent churning of the roster with not only better picks, but much better depth across the roster. These next few weeks will be our telling tale to the season, and it starts this week. I've been very critical of Rob Ryan and his blasphemous ways, but I hope our defense can carry this team and rise to the occasion!

Random Thoughts

Is it possible that we have targeted one too many often injured players who fell in the draft because of their history in college. Sean Lee, DeMarco Murray, Bruce Lee, to a certain extent Mo.... Those are a few off the top of my head, but I feel as if this is becoming a trend. Injuries are as much as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but then again, there are those who just always seem to be unlucky. The new youth movement and our 2 pivotal leaders per side, Murray and Lee are two guys who had that injury history and it is followed them into the big leagues. I just hope it can stop, because the two guys are essential to the team both now and for the future.

Our corners, it's interesting to play the What If game. Like what if we signed a couple of lineman in place of Bandon Carr. What if we drafted two lineman instead of trading up for Pick 6. There's no point debating and arguing about it, however I think we need to be getting a little more out of Brandon Carr and our corner situation. Yes, he has played multiple different roles including safety, switching sides, and not playing his preferred press coverage. However, a man who signs a contract of his stature is not suppose to be excused for, he is here to make not only a difference but an impact. I like him a lot, and I want him to do well, but I'd like to see him Man Up! From my perspective, he's done well against smaller receivers such as Victor Cruz and Steve Smith, but when he faced Brandon Marshall and Boldin, he looked a little overpowered. The secondary has done a great job, so I'm not trying to be a Negative Neil, but as I said, you getting paid so show me the money!

On MileJenkins, over the last couple of weeks, his role his slowly diminishing to nothing, and I can't understand this. Either use him, or get some value in trading him if he's not being used here. I've always like Mike, even though he isn't the first to stick his head in there, he's a tough cat who gets a bad rap. He often plays injured, and in all honesty, he has every right to be pissed for the team telling him that he's not the starter anymore and letting a rookie take his job. All I'm saying, his make your mind up and get something out of him, whether it's laying playing time or a draft pick.

As for the title....

Bane is Injury Bug

Cat Woman is Rodger Goddell

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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