Draft watch ..........Oct 27

Well well well whadda ya know ? We actually have a game outside of the SEC that should be enjoyed by casual and die hard fans alike as well as draftnik nation. We have db's galore on display as well as the best mlb in the nation who should win the Hesiman but won't. And allow me to introduce you to the best defensive player you haven't heard about...

We have a running qb who will most likely play wr in the pros but could be the ultimate wildcat draftee. I love football 'playa's. And to go with all of this we have some qb prospects who are trying to justify their once lofty draft status.

Ohio St vs Penn St. A few reasons to watch this game. One is Ohio St Dt Jonathan Hankins. He is one of the two best dt's in college football. He is also very large and nasty checking in at 6'4" 320 lbs. Even moreso the player I want you to watch is John Simon. He plays de for the Buckeys as well as olb when they are in their 30 front. This is one of those football 'playa's' I am speaking of. His motor never stops and is terrific at rushing the passer.

For Penn St watch Donovan Smith. He is a red shirt freshman. He was highly recruited and will likely have a sucessful pro career. He is immensely talented and I mention him to say this. Smith could have left Penn State and went to any other college he wanted. Even through all of the sanctions and tribulations that come with it he stayed. Silas Redd the teams best rb last season left for USC. This speaks volumes about a players character or lack thereof. Penn St has been playing well as a team lately, though they don't have any super duper offensive talents on the team. I applaud these young men for coming together as a team and sticking together. Take note Dallas fans, PSU didn't throw in the towel because they lost their best player. Last but not least FRICK YOU NCAA.

It's known as the biggest cocktail party in the world. If you are an SEC fan you know which two teams are playing. The #2 ranked Florida Gators vs the Georgia Bulldogs. If you have not seen the Gators defense and you are a fan of defense you will like this game. This game features some of the best safety pospects in the nation. The Florida prospect of most interest to Dallas fans should be Matt Elam. FS 5'10' 210 lbs Elam has been playing lights out the last 3 weeks. He attacks the ball. He is currently considered a second round draft choice. The Gators defense also features 3 d linemen worth watching. The highly rated Shariff Floyd and Dominique Easley along with dt Omar Hunter checking in at 6' 315lbs.

Not to be outdone of course is the Georgia defense. Olb Jarvis Jones. Nt John Jenkins and they have two safties of their own. Shawn Williams who has been rock steady and the better known Baccari Rambo. On defense this game has some players that Dallas should have much interest in. If you like hard hitting , intimidating safties this game should not dissapoint. All 3 on display in this game will "lay the wood".

The offensive side of the ball offers some superb talent as well. However most of them are underclassmen who won't be eligible for the 2013 draft. Though there are a few players to keep an eye on for next years draft and later. Aaron Murray is the Bulldogs qb. He has been compared to Brees because of his stature. Murray has been very streaky this season and that has been his career m.o. He is facing a great defense vs the Gators and this will be a stiff test for him. Mike Gillislee is the Gator rb to watch. He has had a breakout season. He is fast and gets to the second level in a blink. He has no wasted motion when he runs. He checks in at a compact yet stout 5'10" and 210 lbs. Keep an eye on Florida qb Jeff Driskell. He was highly recruited when he arrived at Florida. He started as a freshman last season and was benched. He gets better with each game. He throws one of the best spirals in football. He is 6'4" 235 lbs and can run. Look to see if he continues to develop because if he does , he and Teddy Bridgewater may be the two top rated qb prospects for 2014.

Miss St vs Bama....Don't look now but Miss St is undefeated. This game features the two top rated cb's in college. It also features one of the better safties in college, Robert Lester. Dee Milliner cb for Bama is not what you would call an uber athlete. He is however very instinctual and like Mo Claiborne has excellent body control. One of the most important traits for a cb to posess is the ability to not take false steps. Milliner excells at this. The Bama linebacker to watch is CJ Mosley. Nico Johnson was supposed to be the star lb this season. It's been Mosley. Jesse Williams is of course the nt for Bama. He projects to either nt/dt or de in the pros. He played de for the Tide last season.

If your looking for for a tandem of cb's look no further than Miss St's duo of Jonathan Banks and Darius Slay. Slay isn't as well known as Banks but he can flat out ball. These two held Justin Hunter and Cordarrel Patterson in check last week. Miss St features one of the better guard prospects this year in Gabe Jackson. As a developing qb State's Tyler Russell has grown by leaps and bounds this year. He is large at 6'4" and 220 lbs. He has only thrown 1 int all season but this will be his stiffest test of the season as Bama is ranked number 2 in pass defense. Russell's primary wide out is Johnny Bumphis. He is in the mold of Kendall Wright who was drafted by the Titans in April's draft. If Miss St can prevent the Tide from running with ease this game should be close through the first half. The best individual matchups in this game will be Jesse Williams vs Gabe Jackson and Bumphis vs Milliner.Bama should win handily in the end though.

K-State vs Texas Tech...when did they start playing d at Tech ? This game is not littered with pro prospects but for pure football excitement this could be the funnest game of the evening. Qb Collin Klein (a football playa) will lead the Cats offense. Either of these teams can drop 50 plus on an opponent at any time....

And now the main event of the evening....Wearing crimson and white, from Norman Oklahoma , the Oklahoma Sooners. Wearing gold and blue from South Bend Indiana, Notre Dame. For those of you who are wondering why Notre Dame is so good this year look no further than their defense. They have an SEC defense and their d line imo is better than Alabama's as a unit.

Notre Dame plays a 3-4. Their nt is Louis Nix 6'2" 330 lbs. He is flanked by the best defensive player you haven't heard about. Sophmore de Stephon Tuitt. All 6'5" 305 lbs of him. He isn't eligible to come out until 2014. As of right now I think he will be the second ranked defensive player behind Clowney in the 2014 draft. He is everything you are looking for in a 3-4 defensive end. Behind Nix and Tuitt is the best player in college football this year. Manti Te'o. 6'1" 250 lbs of linebacker who will crush ball carriers. He has improved his coverage ability 10 fold this season. He is dominant. Whoever lands Te'o in the draft will be getting a pro ready prospect.If all things were equal Te'o should win the Heisman....but that isn't hoing to happen.

The Sooners have a formidable offense. It will be hands down the best offense Notre Dame has faced this season. They are led by the once highly touted Landry Jones. Jones' stock has fallen this season as he becomes erratic in pressure situations. However he is talented and will be drafted by an nfl team. He has some very capable rb's to hand the ball to and wr Kenny Stills is one of the better wr's in the country. The one on one matchup to watch in this game is Stephon Tuitt vs Oklahoma lt Lane Johnson. 6'6" 306 lbs. Johnson is very good. He could further his draft stock with a good game vs Tuitt.

Texas A&M vs Auburn....Auburn is abysmal this season so this will be short. Watch Domantre Moore from Texas A&M. He is hands down the best pass rusher in the SEC not named Clowney. For Auburn Corey Lemonier is one of the better pass rushers who fans don't know. However the scouts know. He plays de for the "other" Tigers. He checks in at 6'4" 246 lbs. He just happens to play on a defense with no help.

Mensa Shots: I think there might be 80-90 points scored in the USC vs Arizona game. Neither team has a d.

Oregon could score 100 vs Colorado if they wanted. The Colorado defense is so bad they don't have words in the dictionary to describe them. Oregon has kicked 4 fg's this season.

Speaking of Colorado maybe Tyrann Mathieu should consider a move if you get my drift.

Quick raise your hand if you know where qb John Richt plays.....If you guessed Mars Hill you would be correct and yes his dad is the coach of Georgia.

Name of the day....cb Blidi Wreh Wilson

Tyler Wilson , Tyler Bray , Tyler Russell...I want a qb named Mac.

The best fs you haven't heard about: Phillip Thomas , Fresno St. 6'1" 215 lbs.

The best wr you haven't heard about: Quinton Patton , vs Texas A&M he had 21 catches for 233 yards and 4 td's.

Unknown player part 2...Sheldon Richardson , Missouri dt. Most dt's at this juncture of the season have accumulated 22-28 tackles. Richardson has a mind blowing 52.

Editors note * For Tarheel Paul. North Carolina vs N.C. State. For North Carolina watch Giovani Bernard. For NC State Mike Glennon...both are outstanding players. Bernard is a legit Heisman candidate.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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