Who are the Giants?

If you read the national publications, you'd think the 'Boys should just mail in the L and start the draft prep. So I got to looking at just what the Gmen have done to be so feared. Granted this is a team that won the big one last year, but the key words there are last year.


Offensively they are clicking, especially in the pass game. #2 in total offense, scoring over 29 points per game, leading the league at 6.3 yards per play. 12 TDs passing, 9 TDs running, the yards show them being more pass dependent but still balanced. They have given up 7 interceptions and only 6 sacks. If you are only looking at the offensive stats it would scare the hell out of you.

Defensively they do a couple of things very well, sacks and interceptions. 17 sacks and 12 interceptions. So that puts them #2 in the league in interceptions, trailing only da Bears. The sacks are tied for ninth. This is the team we have seen for quite some time, built on the pass rush. Interceptions come when the pressure is great. They give up 8.7 yards per pass attempt and 5 yards per rush attempt. Both of those are near league low numbers, low as in worst in the league.


They have compiled these stats while facing a schedule that had exactly one opponent with a winning record. Dal, TB, Car, Phi, Cle, Sf, Was. The SF win was very impressive, they dominated that game. Several other victories have been nail biters, both TB and Was required comebacks. They dominated Car as well. All in all they have not faced the toughest schedule around, two 1 win teams, one really good team, and a bunch of mediocres (Boys in this bunch, for now).


The Giants are a team that relies on you to make mistakes, because they struggle stopping the pass and the run. IF the Boys can avoid the turnovers, then defensively this is a team that can be had. This one is on Romo, take the sack but don't give up the int. Offensively they will score, but Manning will make mistakes, the Boys have to take advantage. This is Not as big a mismatch as the press would have you believe. The Boys match up well on the corners both offensively and defensively. If Felix is healthy enough there are some plays to be had in the run game. At the end of the day it comes down to turnovers, whoever wins that battle most likely wins this game. Granted that does not seem to bode well for us, but turnovers can be a little arbitrary. It is about time this team had a few bounce off the Giants feet and into Boys hands. I'll be in the nosebleed section taking this one in, late cancellation has left me with one extra ticket, anyone interested?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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