Poor game situation awareness

3rd and 1 on the 19 with 1:19 left on the clock and 3 timeouts left. There is an eternity of time left. In fact, too much time. You score at this point, and Eli gets the ball with tons of time, 2 timeouts and needing only a FG to win or tie.

This is where both Romo and Garrett need to understand the game situation and just get the first down. You can run the ball, you can throw it to Witten, you can do anything because the Giants are more scared of the touchdown than the first down.

Ogletree up the sideline is one of the last things you want to do. First, he's not a great receiver. He's not going to out jump somebody, and he's not a great route runner. He needs to get separation and the ball has to be placed perfectly. Either way, there is a low percentage of something good happening with that particular route. Moreover, if the best thing happened (i.e., he catches it for a TD), you give Eli Manning the ball with plenty of time on the clock.

Here, the Cowboys needed to run the ball or doing something easy over the middle. Get the first down and let 20 seconds run off the clock before running another play.

A few random thoughts

Right before the Dez fumble, I told the person I was sitting next too "watch Dez … is going to try to make something happen and fumble it. He's always careless with the ball and never knows when to go down … watch him fumble it here"

Dunbar: Welcome to the Cowboy's kickoff return team. One good kickoff return and the rest are lucky to make it to the 15 yard line. It isn't the return guy that is the problem … the guys up front just cannot open up lanes.

I don't know where they saw that Danny McCray was touched down … I saw no definitive view of that one.

Defense: Another great game … even without Sean Lee.

Last play, I say right before it "two things … let Romo get some time to get his feet set and don't throw it out of the end zone … give our guys a shot." What happens? Romo gets flushed and throws a duck out of the end zone.

This reminded of the last game of the last season. Cowboys get down big and we then abandon our lousy running game and pass the ball. The Giants cannot stop our passing attack when you spread them out. They just don't have enough good defensive backs.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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