Message To The BTB Community

This is a very important post, please take the time to read it as it pertains to the future of the BTB community.

This is the kind of post I hate writing because it's not about the Cowboys and it's on a negative subject. But this problem we're having in the comments section needs to be addressed. So I'll do it now.

The problem is two-fold, and shows up most often in game threads, but has trickled over into regular threads. One is the profanity, which should be easy to stop. The other is the bickering/flame wars that are occurring among a handful of people. This is a harder one to fix.

Community guidelines can be found here.

First - profanity. I've always asked that we keep hard profanity off the site. Damn, hell, things like that, fine. But s-bombs, f-bombs, sexual terms/slang or heavy sexual innuendo are no-gos. And just substituting one letter for another, or using one character like $ or ! for a letter, and thinking that is okay is a no-go. Just stop doing it. We'll be warning and eventually banning for this starting now. This is so easy to stop, so make the effort required, which is minimal.

Second - the baiting/bickering/trolling we have going from a group of commenters. Let me say for most people actively participating on the site, this usually isn't a problem. Disagreements will happen but it doesn't turn into something major. But some people have become very combative and provocative. They are looking for arguments, and stirring them up when they are not there. In addition, they are ignoring the moderators and warnings, and that's not going to happen. If you have a problem with the moderation of the blog, please email me personally. The moderators are only doing what I've asked them to do, so if there's a problem it's a problem with my direction. Take it up with me, my email is always available.

What we're basically talking about is violating this one rule.

Argue the message, not the messenger. If you debate the content of someone's post, you're giving us all a contrary viewpoint, perhaps dropping knowledge on us along the way. If you argue the messenger, then you're just trying to make yourself feel better by belittling your target or trying to get cheap laughs at their expense.

If you are responding to the content of the comment and sticking to the point, you'll be OK. When you start talking about the person who made the comment; questioning their knowledge, their fandom, their anything, or calling their argument stupid, ridiculous, nonsense or similar stuff - you're straying.

And if you don't like the slant a front-page writer puts on something, feel free to disagree, but just be civil about it. It's not that hard to do. We, the front-page writers, and the moderators, will also follow these rules. If we don't you can let me know by email, but don't start an argument in the threads about this stuff. Let's leave that area for Cowboys comments, the rest we can handle out of the comments.

We're re-emphasizing the rules starting now, so who said what and who did what previously is not on the table. Everybody start fresh, and let's get back to having a productive, active, interesting community without the verbal abuse.

I'm hoping there is a silent majority that agree with this and will support us. For those who get caught up in he warnings/bans, I'm sorry, but this has to be done.

I've closed the comments in this thread because this isn't what we really want to be talking about it. This is just a heads-up notice. Go forth and talk Cowboys in other threads!

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