Get Your Picks In: Pick 6 Fantasy Football on BTB

The fourth week of SB Nation's Pick 6 Fantasy Football is in the books. We take a look at the winners and remind everybody to take part in the week five contest.

Pick_6_week_4_mediumThe fourth week of Pick 6 Football is complete and we give a hat tip to this week's winner, BTB-member Kiku670.

Kiku670's winning team was built around Aaron Rodgers, Willis McGahee and Greg Olsen and the 87.3 points rank 32nd among all SBnation participants.

The game added an extra functionality last weekend, allowing players to review the status of the fantasy team in real time. As I was watching my scores steadily increasing on Sunday afternoon, I thought I had this game cracked when I ranked 12th overall midway through the early games.

Unfortunately, that didn't last, as I eventually ended up 77th. But that was still better than Dave Halprin, who ended up 93rd and only a few spots away from last place. Dave in turn has bragging rights over KD Drummond this week; KD came in 104th out of 108 participants.

Enter the game this week and earn bragging rights over the BTB front pagers - judging by our results so far, that should be pretty easy.

The rules of this game are really simple: You have a fantasy budget of $120 with which to pick six players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, Wildcard). Player pricing is determined by how often a player was selected for a lineup in the previous week. So you need to spend your money wisely - popular players rise in value, less popular players will be more cost effective. And this week, the Pick 6 site has a clearance sale on some pretty high profile players: Joe Flacco, Jamaal Charles, Brandon Marshall, Rob Gronkowski and many others are available for 50 cents. But only this week.

So if you want to be featured on next week's leaderboard, enter your picks before Week 5 kicks off with Cardinals @ Rams on 8:20 p.m. ET on Thursday. Click on the banner below and you'll be taken directly to the Pick 6 welcome page, where you can select the players to fit your $120 budget.

Below are last week's winning teams from the overall SBNation winner and the top two BTB participants:

Kris Gearhart (111.1 Pts)
POS Player Team Pts
QB Joe Flacco
BAL 23.6
RB Jamaal Charles KC 19.5
WR Eric Decker DEN 13.9
TE Scott Chandler BUF 18.2
K Greg Zuerlein STL 19.0
WC Alfred Morris WAS 16.9
Kiku670 (87.3 Pts)
POS Player Team Pts
QB Aaron Rodgers
GB 29.2
RB Willis McGahee DEN 19.5
WR Danny Amendola
STL 12.1
TE Greg Olsen
CAR 14.9
K Connor Barth
TB 1.0
WC Cedric Benson
GB 10.6
mikemc68 (85.7 Pts)
POS Player Team Pts
QB Andy Dalton
CIN 23.3
RB Ray Rice
BAL 9.6
WR Torrey Smith
BAL 15.7
TE Scott Chandler
BUF 18.2
K Ryan Succop
KC 2.0
WC Alfred Morris
WAS 16.9
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