I've been through enough irritating Romo diatribes, idiotic statements about Romo, poorly written or biased articles, or quotes from "analysts" like Joe Theisman - to last me the rest of my life when discussing our QB. However, I have a new idea I'd like to introduce that might give us some perspective.

I don't want to get in a big debate, but think about how many teams would trade their QB right now, with age a factor and salary about even, for Tony Romo. It is not ten teams, and it might not even be 5 teams. Next time you think how good he is, ask yourself what the rest of the league's professional scouts say about him.

So you can talk about passer rating, or you can say that not trading Sam Bradford for Romo is wrong - but these are the younger guys the teams are going with for good reason.

When a QB is at a certain developmental stage and he is 24, it is light years away from being the same situation as someone who is 32.

So this is not "whose better?" - which is a pointless pursuit . The question is "would your team trade for him today - straight up". You must take into account the fear factor, that is Tony gets traded and makes a lot of critical mistakes, and they get fired, not unlike Brian Billick starting Kyle Boller. The GM would take this into account, and the fact that if we offered Romo would make his value would also drop, as they would be thinking we knew something they did not.

Which teams trade, right now 4 weeks in.....

Keep reading for the list.


Tannehill - NO, youth, size, and a better prospect at this point in his career

Sanchez - Maybe, so we can count this as one. Rob Ryan doesn't - so this would have to come from the ownership.

Dalton - Roommate suggested...They absolutely do not trade Dalton for Romo. This does not mean I don't think Romo is better, he probably is a better QB at this point - still a No. Besides, nobody stops the Big Red One.

Weeden - More size, better arm, more potential at 28. They don't trade him for Romo. Romo is better now, but they are banking on his potential.

Fitzgerald - You think the Bills trade Fitz for him, I bet they don't for many reasons, age, intelligence, system familiarity.

Shaub - No

Luck - Roommate suggested... I won't even address this; No, a thousand times no.

Gabbert and Locker - No and No. Tony is better than these guys, now - but they are about 24.

Matt Cassel - Ok, yes. Unless Pioli hates Romo - it all comes down to Pioli. I think Pioli might nix it.

Palmer - Maybe, possibly....would be close at this point.

Ponder - No, no way after the start.

Freeman - Yes, probably. Not a certainty like most on this blog think. Really this would be closer than you think as Freeman is also still young.

Kolb - Yes.....probably. Again, would be way closer than we think it should be, for many reasons. Wisenhunt hates mistakes - Kolb has been good so far. They would like to do it with Skelton though.

Bradford - No

Alex Smith - No

Russel Wilson - Yes, --- but if he was 6'2' - they wouldn't.

Vick - No


If you are thinking of a QB I didn't mention, they would likely not even be in consideration for this by their front office.

So by my count that is barely five, not close to ten. I'm not saying this makes Romo "bad", but it is a pretty interesting thought. This scenario takes our current reality into account, not "what if he played for them for one year" or "what if they were all rookies" or some other imaginary sequence.

Dropping the snap in a playoff game counts, winning only one playoff game in your career counts. Saying, "I'm going to scout this player, but not take into account any mistakes they make" is not how scouting works. You take into account a player's aptitude in multiple fields, including off it. You factor intelligence, in that I believe there is some great evidence of a correlation in Dan Marino's wonderlic score of 6, and his lack of playoff and Superbowl success.

You scout a player top to bottom, no one is perfect, but ignoring a part of a player's make-up is like ignoring reality.

The reality is that for all the absolutely great things Tony Romo does, he still makes a tremendous amount of mental mistakes, and often displays immature decision-making skills within the classic strategy of football. Throwing a being tackled/contested shovel pass on first down in the Red zone, is basic football stuff that quarterbacks should know not to do at this point.

Tony Romo has almost supernatural pocket and "game" awareness, but clearly also has deficient "strategy game" awareness. The type of risk/reward strategy that you might learn from professional Poker or advanced Chess.... It is not just because Dez Bryant didn't adjust on some routes, Romo almost never throws the ball away. Romo consistently takes very statistically poor chances in key moments of the game, often when there is no viable reason too.

Math and logic - catch up to every event in our lives - if you consistently put yourself at a mathematical dis-advantage then you will eventually regress to the mean of your actions. Take big chances and win, but put yourself at extreme statistical risk and it is only a matter of time before you loose.

Just a straight up trade right now - probably 25 teams say "No, way Jose". I think even with the quarterbacks I mentioned, it would be very difficult to find a partner.

Basically, what I'm saying is that 75% or more of the teams in the league think they have a better QB, or much better QB prospect, than Tony Romo at age 32.

Romo has the potential to win more games, play for five more years, and have playoff success. Absolutely

Romo does not have the potential for improvement by the evacuation of youthful decision-making. He is 32.

I am not advocating trading Tony Romo but you have to coach a player based on his skills. At key moments of the game, or with unfavorable field position either way, maybe certain double-option routes or out-routes should not be called.

Looking at what other people think about what you have - in comparison to what you think you have, is often very illuminating...........

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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