Draft Watch Oct.6

The college schedule is beginning to heat up. The matchups are becoming jucier as we see top 10 teams begin to play one another. Of course most of the top 10 teams are from the SEC and they have two games today that offer a plethora of talent and some nice matchups regarding the 2013 draft.

There are however some matchups outside of the SEC that will showcase some of the best talent that could be available in next April's draft. One of the great things about following collegiate ball is watching players emerge as the season begins to unfold. The SEC does not have dibbs this year on all of the defensive studs.

There are some offensive and defnsive players who will and won't be draft eligible for 2013 that will be on the big stage today that Dallas may have some interest in for 2014. With that said let's get to it.....

To fellow BTB poster TYRONE is Christmas for you. Javedeon Clowney will be on display this evening as South Carolina plays Ga. To all the BTB'ers who haven't seen Clowney here is your chance. He averages over a sack a game .He will not be draft eligible until the 2014 draft. His bookend is Devin Taylor 6'7" 270 lbs. Taylor imo is a 4-3 de unless he can pack on some lbs. He has a large wingspan.

On offense the Gamecocks have one of the top rated rb's in the country in junior Marcus Lattimore. Lattimore was highly recruited coming out of highschool and was teriffic last season until he tore an acl. He has not fully recovered. The way he is playing right now reminds me a little of a younger Cedric Benson. When fully healthy he is faster than Benson.

Georgia is one of the few colleges that play a true 3-4 defense. The starting nt is John Jenkins who weighs in at 355 lbs, His backup is Kwame Geathers who weighs in at a svelte 350 lbs. This defense is stacked with prospects. Jarvis Jones plays olb and weighs in at 245 lbs. If you have not seen Jarvis play you should. Teriffic athlete . However he was held in check by the Tennesse Vols o line last week. I will high light the Vols o line another day. At safety the Bulldogs have two highly thought of players in Baccari Rambo and Shawn Williams. Both will flat out lay the wood to opposing wr's.

On offense the Bulldogs are led by Aaron Murray. His stature reminds of Drew Brees. Murray is inteligent and can be deadly accurate at times. However he is a streaky passer and it will be interesting to see him play vs an outstanding defense. Murray has two of the best freshman rb's in the country in Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall.. Both are averaging close to 8 yards a carry and both should be teriffic prospects when the become elgible.

This is a must see game for draftniks.

The next game on the dockett for tonight is West Virgina vs Texas. For those who have not seen Geno Smith play. Tune in. Smith has thrown 20 td's and no int's. Yes you read that correctly. His completion percentage is 83.4%. He is playing against a Texas defense with 2 superb pass rushing de's in Jackson Jeffcoat and Alex Oakafor. Also posing a threat for Smith is safety Kenny Vaccaro and the quickly rising cb, Carrington Byndom. This defense will be the stiffest test to date for Smith and it will be interesting to see if he can continue his onslaught of the record books.

For those who watch this game and are concerned about the wr position in Dallas , keep an eye on Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin is Percy Harvin fast if not faster. As they say...if he is even , he is leavin.

Next is LSU vs Fla. The LSU offense has been terrible this year since they lost a certain first round pick in Chris Faulk. Faulk played lt and was teriffic in pass protection and a straight up mauler in the run game. I won't delve into the LSU offense in this post as all eyes will be on their defense. Everyone knows the M&M boys in Mingo and Montgomery. Very few know of Bennie Logan. He plays dt . Logan is a baller and a better athlete than Michael Brockers. He is a penetrating dt who is very good at moving the pocket. He is the key to the LSU d line. He will be flanked by 2014 draft eligible Anthony "Freak" Johnson. Johnson is a mix between Brockers and Logan and will be a sur fire first round pick when he decides to come out. At safety LSU has one of the better fs's in the nation in Eric Reid. Reid is more cerebral than McDonald from Usc. Other defnsive players to watch on LSU are Lavar Edwaeds and Throld Simon.

However the Tigers will be facing a very formidable Florida offense. Florida has a very good young qb named Jeff Driskell. He gets better with each passing game. Keep an eye on him as he is an outstanding qb propect for the 2014 draft if he decides to leave early. Montgomery will be facing Xavier Nixon who plays lt for the Gators and is a second tier prospect at his position. It should be a great one on one matchup. If you're looking for a Harvin type keep an eye on Andre Debose. This should be a very good game as both teams play many freshmen.

Miami vs Notre Dame.For the Golden Domers watch Tyler Eifert. He plays te and is uber talented. Yes like Witten but faster. I don't need to explain why he might be on the Cowboys radar. Louis Nix is 6'2" 330lbs and would play nt for Dallas. Nix is a very good player.

For Miami though and speaking of nt's the Canes offer 6'2" 360 lbs nt Darius Smith. Yes 360 lbs, The Canes also have a good second or third day prospect in in guard Brian Linder. 6'5" 310 lbs. This game will offer some of the better individual matchups of the day.

That's my game day choices for Oct 6. Enjoy.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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